Sunday, October 21, 2007


*no other song you hear will mention Diogenes
*accordions have come 'round the back way to be the über rock-and-roll instrument
*we finally have a moustachioed delight to fill the
aching void left in our hearts by the exit of Señor Dali
*this song makes me giggle and think about the red-hat ladies
*it's better to run away with gypsies than to run off with the circus

but mostly because all your sanity and wits they will all vanish. I promise. It's just a matter of time. Plus, I love when Eugene wears those stripey pants.

Oh, and there's that little bit about Gogol Bordello playing Dallas tonight. I'm still sicky and I still feel like hammered poo and I have to work on Monday, but I'm'on be dere. Maybe not in my dancing shoes. Maybe in the balcony with a box of kleenex and a blankie, but I'm going to be there.

*An NYC Gypsy Punk band, GB is comprised primarily of East European immigrants. Someone once said they sound like The Clash having a fight with The Pogues in Eastern Europe. Good stuff.


DBA Dude said...

Hope that you and lil sis have a great time tonight - despite the kleenex and heavy overblanket thing!

phlegmfatale said...

Thanks! I'll fight through it and have a good time despite the cold/allergy thingy. :)

I'll give you a full report Monday.

Anonymous said...

Have fun and feel better.


Christina RN LMT said...

Have fun, Phleggmy!

Purple is my favorite color...
is THAT why I'm insane and witless?!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I could cry - They're coming to Austin just when I head out to Abilene. Crud.

Still, thank you for introducing me to a fabulous new band, Phlegm.


phlegmfatale said...

lainy - thanks babe! I do feel better today

christina - Thanks, and I will, sick or not. They are always a spectacle to watch, and that kind of energy is infectious! No, purple is your favorite color because you love The Artist!

james - Yeah, that sucks, dude. If I were not feeling sick, I'd drive down to Austin to see them tomorrow night. As it is, I'm simply too whipped. I could fly, but that takes time and there's renting the car, etc., It's just as well this way. At least with the Imogen Heap show, I saw her in Dallas on a Friday and had all Saturday to get down to AUstin, and then drove home that night and slept late Sunday. *bliss*

Buck said...

Someone once said they sound like The Clash having a fight with The Pogues in Eastern Europe.

Hmmm. I'll buy that! And speaking of The Artist... That was the first image that came to my mind. Unintended consequences?

Pop an anti-histamine (or two) and have fun tonight, Phlegmmy!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

That IS a good analogy, about the Clash and the Pogues. I hope you feel great at the concert, and enjoy Eugene rocking those stripey green pants. Does he even own any other clothes?