Monday, October 29, 2007


OK, back home again.

I vowed if I saw a horse this weekend during my visit to the Granbury area, that I would make friends. I walked up to a fence, and an old horse came walking and when he got close to me, he nosed on the ground and of all things, there was a pear on the ground. He seemed grateful to me (yeah, I took credit for the pear) and I rubbed his forehead and along the back of his jawline. Holy crap, I had no ideer horses were SO very dirty. My hand was coated in an oily tan layer of dirt after that. I think I'm doomed to remain all-hat-and-no-horse.

As the horse was bending to pick up the pear, my dog, who I was holding on her leash, started barking like a fiend and she bit him on the nose. He was very mellow though, and though initially he pulled away from her, he afterward seemed to give her no more regard than he would a gnat, as he went about the business of munching and sliming his pear.

She's a little pistol, doglet is. I mean, imagine - this was about a 900-pound horse, I'd say, and here she was, 15 pounds of piss&vinegar-style mouthy little bitch, writing out the check her ass might have to cash. I'd say those odds were pretty skewed, and not in her favor. Still, she had the calmer mind of a human to yank her out of danger. Silly thing.

FYI: I did not buy any new shoes this weekend. That said, I didn't actually go near any places that had shoes, so this is not indicative of self-control so much as a lack of opportunity. I did get all drooly over a pony-hide purse dyed dark red, but I DID resist. Can you believe it?


Anonymous said...

sounds like fun, I proud of your self control. A

Christina RN LMT said...

Well, doglet is obviously feisty, like her Mom!
Just as I marvel at small dogs who think they're at least as big as Rottweilers, I'm amazed at small children who go right up to any dog in the dog park and pet it.
Heck, my dog Harley, who weighs in at a whopping 15 pounds, is still huge to a toddler.

BTW, on the shoe/purse thing?
Self-control is HIGHLY overrated!

DBA Dude said...

Knew that there had to be a logical reason for you not returning laden with "shoey goodness".

Sounds like a pretty chilled out horse.

Meg said...

Pony hide - what's that like?

phlegmfatale said...

a - well - it was a lack of opportunity...

christina - indeed, she is MIGHTY feisty. Yeah, that's amazing, fearless little kids.

dbadude - Yeah, he seemed quite mellow, thank goodness.

meg - I have since learned that pony hide is *EEK!* actual pony hide. It's not cow. It's not goat. It's the hide of a pony. I dunno what happened to the rest of the pony - glue factory? dog food? - but when they say pony hide - it's a horse-type critter. Oh well, I still LOVE it.