Friday, October 26, 2007

From Tam at View From The Porch:

The House of Representatives has passed H.R.1955, the "Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007". One of the bill's sponsors, Rep. Harman (D-CA), said

"We must intervene before a person crosses the line separating radical views from violent behavior, create an environment that discourages disillusionment and alienation, and instill in young people a sense of belonging and faith in the future."

Do you have any radical views? Said any radical things on a blog or forum? Belong to any radical organizations? Maybe one that advocates private citizens patrolling the border or calls the 2nd Amendment the "Reset Button"? Call yourself a "People of the Gun"?Just think what a second Clinton administration is going to be able to do with all these cool new toys left hanging in the toolshed. We're all terrorists now, baby.

Well, I figure if they're going to end up treating me like a loon, I may as well cut to the chase. I'm going to make up a bumper sticker that says:

The voices told me to
go clean my guns.

email me if you want one of of 'em.


Anonymous said...

I'm ready to grab my copy of the Bible and Laura Ingalls Wilder books and head for the wilderness, nothing there is nearly as scary. I'd rather be abducted by aliens then live through another Clinton. A

Rabbit said...

I used to have a sticker on the ol' sled that said 'Everyone should be required to own a gun and know how to use it'.

Seems to me that I've seen your idea for a sticker already, and possibly even on a T-shirt.

It's a good idea, anyway. Cleaning enforces familiarity.


Lin said...

Isn't that a lovely little bit of legislation. So who is going to be head of the new thought police anyway? Brings a whole new dark and punitive meaning to misogyny, let alone 'antisocial' to which the psych community has recently shunted the old term 'sociopath' over to. So, if you're having a PMS kind of day, don't tell anyone that you're feeling antisocial or it might be held against you. Gimme a break.

John R said...

I think the original was "The voices told me to stay home and clean my guns".

Yours will fit better on a bumper sticker.

DBA Dude said...

If I used one of those stickers over here then I would get locked up for even thinking of owning a gun.

g bro said...

Now, wait a minute! The Shrub administration carries out an all-out assault on civil liberties and you want to fear-monger about Hillary? What color is that pot, Ma Kettle?

The bill passed 404-6, so it sounds like idiots of all stripe voted for it.

SoHoS said...

lololol! I actually watched Speed the other day. How sad, two hours I will never get back ;(

Anonymous said...

The Shrub maybe a dissapointment, but Hil is an evil, wicked bitch. Oh wait, did I type that outloud? Please don't hurt me eeevil rulers. A

HollyB said...

Keystone makes a rifle model known as the "Cricket". It comes in PINK. Think that might calm the fears of the hoplophobes? It is the antithesis of the "evil black assault rifle."
G- it's true, under the guise of Homeland Security, the Bush administration has gutted at least 3 of the original 10 Amendments. But without the 2nd Amendment, we have NO way of protecting the freedoms left to us. Or reclaiming the ones that have been taken away. It was TJ who maintained that refreshing the "Tree of Liberty" with "the Blood of Tyrants and Patriots" must be done from time to time. He claimed it was "its natural manure."
I fear that time is coming soon.
LaP, put me down for a bumper sticker.

g bro said...

H, I get your point - there is no conflict with what I said. G.

phlegmfatale said...

a- that's about what I thought you'd say

rabbit - damn skippy

lin -I think if they're going to stop people before they cross over, they should start with murders and wife-beaters, doncha think? Clearly, it's not possible

jr - works for me

dba dude - meanwhile the criminals in your town function free from fear of their victims being able to protect themselves

g bro - Um, actually Tam and I both have voiced our displeasure at the demolition of our personal liberties, particuarly in the past 6 years. Are you saying that now that the other liberties have been eroded by the current crop of D.C. wastrels, that we may as well let Hil have a crack at what remains?

sohos - well, now you can say you've seen it.

A - *L*

Hols - pink works for me!
Yup, what you said.

And I don't think there's a bit of fear-mongering going on here - HC launched an effort to nationalize one seventh of the private US economy in what would have (and will surely) be the beginning of the end for good health care in the USA. This is a fact - when you take someone who clearly has a disregard for the ability to choose for oneself, well, that's pure arrogance and is extremely dangerous, in my opinion.

g bro said...

La P,

It's on me then. I must nod and move on when I see things I agree with and only remember the ones that rankle me.

Health care is a hard one. We have good insurance and can get most any care we want - hell, I can go in tomorrow and ask for any scan I can think of and they'll probably give it to me. I like that - but do I need it? The fact that it is 1/7 the private economy should tell us something to start with.

Anonymous said...

I can see a liberal government getting so far out of hand that we are going to have to shoot a reasonable government back into existence. Annie get your gun.

Kevin said...

This law is just screaming to be misused by the government against its citizens. Hope Bush has the sense to veto it.

phlegmfatale said...

g bro - Well I think it tells us that we place a high premium on life-and-death, as well we should. The high number of GDP represented by the medical field is in some way driven up by the interference of the government, actually. I say this, having done some work in a medical billing office for a group of doctors at a hospital.

leazwell - terrible thought that our elected leaders would so trash the constitution that it would reach that point, but I agree - we're getting there

kevin - Yup, it's a travesty