Friday, October 19, 2007

Crafts for cats:

Spend hours knitting a toob sock for your cat so you can make him dislike you more than he usually does.


Rabbit said...

It's interesting how cats are hard-wired for certain neurological responses. I used to put tube socks over my cat's head and shout "I am NOT an animal! !I am a human being" while he staggered with a white cotton 'elephant trunk' hanging off his little punkin' head.


g bro said...

I am not proud. For a cute woman with a big bosom, I'd probably wear a body stocking without complaints.

Mauser*Girl said...

Okay ... I'll admit it ... this made me laugh out loud. ;) (And not just because the cat looks a lot like my tabby Maus!)

For some reason, when you put a cat in a tight garment, they won't walk. They just fall over and look at you in a very upset sort of way. I'm not sure why ... it must be a physical thing. (Not that I've ever done this to a cat or anything....)

phlegmfatale said...

rabbit - It's amazing what cats DON'T figure out - like that the toy on the end of the string is actually attached by the human at the end of the fishing pole thingy, and that the human is tormenting it. Maybe they play dead when they are completely in another animal's mouth, thus the inability to move. They get catatonic.

g bro - *L* It's cool that you'd fight through it for that. She IS cute.

mauser*girl - _I_ laughed at it & had to watch it several times. I think one thing that's so funny about it is that cats rarely ever seem like they are surprised or helpless, and this is such an unexpected state. poor kitty.