Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Why I probably won't be going to work today.

Uh, after several cases of the weather services crying "wolf" we finally got some crap precipitation. Brrr. Fortunately, there's ample supply of citrus fruit here to stave off scurvy. And ive got my doggies to keep me warm.

Oh, and lightning and thunder during a snowstorm??? Kind of eerie, actually.

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Jon said...

Years ago, we had a sleet storm in Southeast, Texas that was accentuated with lightning and thunder. Weird, to say the least. I'm thinking the Weather Channel, if it had been around, would have ignored the spectacle, since it had nothing to do with the East Coast.

Jennifer said...

You got snow on your big swinging deck!

Old NFO said...

Looks like I got outta town just in time :-) Be Safe!