Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm not choked up, but I AM feeling a little emotional.

Weekend Round-up.

OK. My house has a startling dearth of closet and cupboard space, and what cupboards there are-- sadly-- sport a grode quotient which makes me leery to put much in them, especially of things that will be used for food preparation or serving. Thus am I awaiting the day* when I'll have some other, new and capacious cupboards installed here. Until that time, I have a sizeable storage unit in town and it's very full.

Today, I brought home and unpacked 3 boxes from the storage unit. One of the boxes I filled when I moved 22 months ago, and the other two I packed 34 months ago. If I could unpack one box a week, I think that would be something of a great accomplishment, but life seems too busy and I think I've just not been demanding enough on myself about that. I vow to do better. I unpacked three tonight, and then re-filled one of them with stuff for Goodwill, so the net addition of crap to the household was just 2 boxes.

This has been a great weekend. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. Yesterday and today I went with Himself to the gym, we took teh puppehs on lots of walkies and we're prepping to do the final wave of beadboard for the living room ceiling. I'm really excited because I've decided for a milk-wash kind of stain for the kitchen ceiling beadboard, which will be next, and I'll probably buy my first can of that stain this week. Feels like progress. Also, he's getting the living room ceiling fan together and the new shades he bought me for it are exquisite(photos to come). Coming up in the very near future, this old house is going to have a complete electrical re-wiring. Moving forward, in fits and starts.

Yes, a few lines ago I was feeling giddy and life is beautiful and Spring-like and fresh, and then, against the white backdrop of my Blogger compose page, the year's first mosquito wafted by.

Lest we get too happy with ourselves, eh?

Nonetheless, my boyfriend is in the kitchen making a chili that smells drool-worthy, the sweetest two puppies in the world are bounding excitedly**, I just drank a Nerdbeer, and life is beautiful.

*Within 6 months, hopefully
**Daddy's cooking! Daddy's cooking!


Auntie J said...

Mika only gets excited when he smells cheese being involved in the cooking. But then, he's a cat.

The others just flat-out beg when there's chicken to be had.

Now, if we could just get the kids to eat with as much enthusiasm as the cats use in begging....

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Congrats on progress unpacking - I'm about to get another Goodwill run off, to cap removing two more 5-gallon tubs from the dining room.

Yay for progress on the house, too! We're eventually going to start rewiring this place, but I'm shelving remodeling wants for more immediate wants, like a light somewhere near the washing machine to aid in sorting colors.

*hugs* Hope you guys enjoy the spring! Watch out for mama birds wanting to take over your front porch!

Old NFO said...

Glad progress is being made :-)

Thud said...

Happy is good!