Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Great. I'm glad you're coming with us on this one.

Wow. Just wow.

KABUL, Afghanistan — International and local human rights groups working in Afghanistan have shifted their focus toward condemning abuses committed by the Taliban insurgents, rather than those attributed to the American military and its allies.

Rilly? Taliban is out there murdering innocent, peace-loving folks? Ya think? It's a shame no one on the planet had the balls to lift a finger and try to do something about it, isn't it?


Jon said...

I'm guessing the photo of the women without a nose and ears got their attention. That, and the stoning for supposed crimes.

If these human rights activists want to help, they need to get guns and shoot the bastards.

Old NFO said...

Um... and where have they been for the last 20 years in Afghanistan???

Joseph said...

Hiding in the cities and whining.

Momiss said...

I'm with Jon.
I miss the world when SHAME meant something.
We have been silent too long.