Thursday, February 17, 2011


I was talking to my dear friend Lin on the phone about my plans for the kitchen ceiling. I've posted some photos of the beadboard progression, and I expect that if the weather continues fine, the remainder of the beadboard for the living room can be finished staining and put up within a week. I was thinking of the kitchen ceiling, next. Once I'd talked about putting in tin ceiling, but had not thought of that in a long time. Lin suggested I revisit that idea, and oh! Be still my beating heart.

I expect to order my tiles from The American Tin Ceiling Tile Co. The dazzling array of color/finish combinations coupled with the myriad design prospects truly make me happy in my pants. Yes, it's Interior Design Pr0n. (See rule #34). I've been drooling over this stuff for hours.

I definitely definitely definitely want a bunch of these white deco gumdrop looking pendant lamps for accent(in the top photo). I'm quite taken with the idea of the tin with the transparent red glaze that looks like a true candied apple finish(though I probably won't use that) for backsplash. Then there's the idea of the verdegris with the high copper relief. What color to choose? This is going to be exciting. The plain white enamel is fetching enough on its own. But then the plain metal is beautiful, too, with just a sealant to prevent rust.

This is going to be exciting. I hate having to choose, though. This is not like shoes you can change every day. I'll be resolved to absolutely love what I do settle on, but in the meantime, the array of choices is almost overwhelming. Not quite, though. Revisiting the happy-in-my-pants theme, this site totally gives me girlwood. :P


drjim said...

How do you attach them to the ceiling?

Lin said...

Yesh, that thumbnail photo gallery tour was good for me, too. I should have offered you a cigarette after that prolonged orgasmic reno porn session.

(To drjim) They offer two types of hanging systems. One allows you to drop them into an existing suspended grid system and the other is the classic nail-ups used all the way back into Victorian times. In my kitchen with the usual drywall on studs, we made half inch pine furring strips and glued/screwed them up in a 2' x 2' grid pattern. The panels went up easily after that with just small pan-headed screws. We could have used nails but, gosh, why do that when you can have serious thread power on your side.

Jennifer said...

That would look fantastic in your kitchen.

Carrie said...

I love love love tin ceiling tiles! I will want and expect updates on this project! :D

Old NFO said...

Something tells me the decision process is gonna be a LONG one :-)

Thud said...

I mentioned on Lins site (still running?) a while ago how much I admired the tiles, not a product used in the U.K.