Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I went to my favorite Cantonese eatery on Sunday intent on reading my latest Discworld selection. I've never thought much about it, but I just realized that when I go there on weekends, I'm often the only non-Asian in the place. Whatever.

Well, Sunday I was sitting there minding my own, reading and fiddling with my chopsticks when two white couples were seated at the table directly next to mine. Why is it the most obnoxious people in the room with the most insipid conversation are the most intent on telegraphing that conversation to all and sundry? I tried not to listen, but they were so loud they were impossible to ignore. The ultimate eyerolling-inducement came when one of the women was talking about filing her taxes, and she said "I mean, C-R-A-P!" Yes. A grown woman at a table of adults spelled out the word "crap." I was sorely tempted to audibly register my annoyance by saying "aw, shit!" or worse, but I controlled myself.

Are you proud of me? Anyway, I never realized what a wonderful thing it is to be oblivious to what the folks around you are saying, and as I don't speak Cantonese, Szechuan or any furrin' dialect, I can be blissfully unaware. I suppose I'll have to try to engineer my seating next time so I'm plopped in the middle of folk with whom there is zero chance of familiar tongues commanding the attention of my ears. Here's to indecipherable background murmurs!


Anonymous said...

It is nice to not hear others bitching loudly and rudely while you're trying to savor your yummy asian cuisine (or any other food) in peace. Loves it when I go get my nails done, too. Don't have to talk, just relax and enjoy it.

Christina RN LMT said...


I had to walk out of a massage a few days ago, because a young woman was talking on her cell phone right outside my door, in the frickin' jacuzzi! There are signs posted everywhere that cell phone use is prohibited in the entire spa, but so many people pay no attention. Then I have to break off a session to ask them (politely) to STFU.
It almost like these people believe they're on stage, and must deliver their lines for the waiting audience. Losers.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am very proud of you. Good girl.

I'd have to have said something just to let them know I wasn't interested in what they were saying. But, that's just me.

fuzzbert_1999@yahoo.com said...

At least you got a post out of them...sometimes they can be entertaining...just before you want to shoot them!

Ann diPomazio said...

Proud as I am of you, I would have liked to hear how the insipid duo might have responded to a sudden exploit from you the quiet observer. Haha. Social experiments are fun.

Thud said...

As a white guy married into a large Chinese family I'm often to be found smiling bemusedly at dinner...havn't a clue whats being said most of the time...but the foods good though.