Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday already?
Went to the Feist show at the Palladium Ballroom Wednesday night.
Let's review, shall we?
I paid $20 to park in their parking lot. Not valet. I did all the hard work of parking for $20. Sheesh. I could have parked in the back (dark) part of their lot for $10, but knowing I would likely leave early, I didn't want to walk out there alone in the dark-dark, so I ponied up the 20 spot. The bathroom had an attendant. The soap dispensers were disabled so you had to have the attendant squirt soap from a bottle into your paw, for which I'm guessing they expect you to tip her? Uh, sorry, no. The venue was hot. In April, darling! The 16oz glass of cranberry juice and ice was $3. I thought this was a bargain and the best aspect of the venue. If I ever go to a show there again, it will likely only be with a group where the point of the show is to be with friends. It's not a viewer-friendly venue like House of Blues or the Granada. I'm short, and not getting there early enough to snag a place by the stage, I couldn't see the performers well at all.

All that said, Feist put on a great show, from what I saw. She's very chatty and personable, making the event feel much more intimate. Between seeing hockey Tuesday night and going to see a Canadian performer Wednesday, I'm thinking I now qualify for dual citizenship, eh? She also had two people at the back doing cute little cut-out light shows on a big screen with an over-head projector. It was very arty and fit the hand-crafted quality of her music.

Feist had one of the most superlative promotional items I've ever seen on her merchandise table. For $10 I got a little turn-crank music box which plays the main melody of her song "Mushaboom" which you can click here to hear/see on YouTube. What an adorable memento! I got one for my niece, because I think it will delight her, and because Feist's 1234 reminds me of her. Adorable, guilelessly sweet music.

Here's part of one of my favorite of her songs, The Water. Moody and rich with a sort of Modern Jazz Quartet vibe. I like the atmosphere it conjures.


Anonymous said...

Loved the video. Very talented. Glad you had fun. Parking was a rip off, but well worth your safety.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've been to a couple of concerts in the past year that also featured those cutout pictures over a lantern. It seems to be all the rage amongst Canadian indie performers and it really is very charming.

Your niece is going to love her music box.