Friday, April 18, 2008

I seem never to have gotten back on track with my Dallas Diorama posts since pneumonia last year, but one of these days...

Late in the day Thursday, a storm started brewing and there were great cottony furrows of clouds overhead for miles and miles. Along some edges of these furrows were little nubbiny downdrafts which I thought might turn into mammatus formations, but they didn't. The upside to not seeing mammatus clouds is that they are often present in tornado-spawning storm systems, so I'm okay with them staying the hell away. Still, the clouds were beautiful. I love nasty weather.
Yay, Stars! The Stars whupped up on the Anaheim Ducks again Thursday, bringing their total to 3 games won in this series. Wow. Can it be I actually care about a sports team? Well, let's not push it. Still, I'm happy for my shiny smiley residents who are big fans.
Note to pregnant ladies -- please cover up your bellies. I know the weather is nice and you're uncomfortable and hot, but your trophy will be running around soon enough and annoying everyone with its out-of-control behaviour. Don't remind us.


Christina RN LMT said...

Beautiful clouds! Dallas Diorama? I'm still waiting on your jewelry site! ;)

Re: "bumps"...THANK you! Especially if the mommy-to-be has an outie. Gross! I used to put a band-aid over mine to cover my inside-out umbilicus...they're flaunting theirs.
Society is really going to hell in a handbasket.

LBJ said...

Good cloud photos, and ones people dont see too often. Last time I saw them fully formed was at a barbeque at a neighbor's in MO. I looked up and said. "Tornado's tonight, going home to batten down the hatches", and they all gave me a bunch of crap about that. That night a couple came through, killed two local residents and wiped out a bunch of houses.

breda said...

why is it that ever shirt I try to buy is shaped like a big empire-waisted maternity tent and all maternity clothes are skimpy and skin tight? Some PLEASE explain this!!

g bro said...

Hooters! Oh, they're just clouds. :-(

Ann was a bit put off by the tight, revealing clothing worn by pregnant Norwegians. Shawn said, "Yeah, that could have been the dress she wore when she GOT pregnant."

NotClauswitz said...

That's the upsidown egg-carton formation we'd see in South Dakota, precursors of twisters or that from which the elephantine trunk of a twister could descend! Yikes!

Buck said...

What g bro said (first line)!!

I've never seen mammatus clouds, which is kinda strange, given I lived in OKC for a year and a half. But those photos ARE spectacular. Thanks for that.