Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Remember the theme song to Daniel Boone, in all its splendid variations?

we had a corny one in my local berg which I'll not repeat. I'm sure you have memories of your own.

Anyhoo, Ed Ames was one of the actors on that show.

Here's Ed in a famous bit with Johnny Carson with a tomahawk gone wrong:

I think he needed to work on the follow-through.


Anonymous said...

I remember seeing the night it happened. Funny then, still funny now. I laugh every time I see it. Leno and Leatherman couldn't shine Carson's shoes.

Kate said...

I remember seeing that the night it happened, too! We still laugh our asses off every time we see it repeated. (I'm wiping away tears of laughter as I type now!)

And, spontaneous television - it was the mark of a true comedian who could break up the crowd with an off the cuff remark. "I didn't even know you were Jewish!"

FHB said...

That's always been hilarious.