Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm trying to remember, because I think I mentioned "minimalism" with a straight face this week.

I've got too much stuff. If anyone's had a house fire or been hit by a hurricane lately, please call me and I'll hook you up with some stuff. It just ain't right. Oh, and all my stuff is fabulous.

Today's musical interlude fits the theme of folks who over-burden themselves. Myron turned me on to this fabulous Delbert McClinton song Too Much Stuff a couple months ago, and I've been thinking it about 48hours solid. You can hear Lyle Lovett in there, too. It could be a very depressing theme, but that walking bassline on the be-bop piano is the embodiment of jollity, letting us know it'll all be okay anyway.


Anonymous said...

Jus' luv me some Delbert, don't you?

Christina RN LMT said...

I try to keep telling myself, "Self, you can't take it with you!"

Sometimes I wish my Dad felt that way about his money...;)

Carteach said...

'Too much stuff'.

Yup, I know what that is like.

On the other hand,I have much less stuff now and intend to keep it that way. Sure, there are some 'things' I want to have with me... but they mean less now, a lot less.

You see... I was willing to walk away with my ugly butt, the cloths on my back, and my truck. The truck was optional.

After realizing a little better what is really important... and that most 'things' are not worth sacrificing 'self' over... I am not so attached anymore.

I recall cleaning out my dads place once... and the truckloads of crap he had. It was all important to him for one reason or another, no matter how minor. In the end, it mostly got hauled away and only the memories remained.

Take memories... make new ones.... they are valuable. Stuff... is just stuff.

NotClauswitz said...

As I pre-pack for a brief vacation I realized that I much preferred to travel light and my bag was too damn heavy, so I started yanking stuff out.

Anonymous said...

I have been doing it too. Thank God we have a dumpster behind my family's business. Could be worse though, Phlegmmy, my MIL has 5 (no I'm not kidding) storage buildings behind her house, ALL full of CRAP! We will probably have to burn them down when the time comes, it will be easier than going through them.