Thursday, April 03, 2008

A couple years ago and about 4 years after I started this blog, I installed a visitor counter. If you're visitor number 88,888 today, holler at me and I'll send you something purty for yourself or your woman, and you should probably buy a lottery ticket, too. That is if I'll stop hitting refresh and let someone else be the 88,888. I'm not superstitious, but I was born on Oct 8, and 8's always been a good number for me.
Slept 5 hours last night, and that extra 2 hours made all the difference.
Universal truth: Never get dressed in a dark closet. I stopped by the gallery to drop off some jewelry I'd made, and I noticed the owner looking with interest at my garment, a brown stretchy knit dress. I didn't look down. Walking to my car, I chanced a peek downward. Yup: covered in dog hair of one Jack Russell Terrier, white. The dress is absolutely clean, but something in this synthetic must be magnetically charged for dog hair.
Perhaps I should shellac my lips with a few more layers of harlot red to act as dazzle camouflage, ya think?


Buck said...

Not me... I'm 88,858 at 1135 hrs MDT.

I hear ya about dog hair. It doesn't look too good on a dark blue suit, either...

Christina RN LMT said...

I'm lucky in that my dogs only shed when they're really, really stressed.
And they have no undercoat at all.

I'm #88874, darn it!

Xander said...

#88917. :-(

John R said...

I am way late, 88970

Meg said...

Just a new look - artists can get away with it. And I'm 89008.