Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What? You mean Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olsen broke up mere moments after they were denying they were ever together? I thought that meant it was true love, the denial thing.

Anyway, it's prolly good for Ashley that they ashcanned the whole thing, because, you know, Cheryl Crow caught cancer from him.

Is it just me or is it a wee bit ironic that a one-balled guy named Lance has turned out to be rather the harpoon artiste of late?


Just Another Old Geezer said...

Got to use what you got. Never know when you're gonna lose it all.

none said...

That's just gross. That makes him like a least in spirit.

HollyB said...

Well, I think it's because he spends all that time around The McConaHey! He caught the HornDawg from Matt and now they are just cuttin' as wide a swath as they possibly can. I'm just sayin'. said...

Do you really catch cancer?

The dude's making up for lost time...can't blame him.

Amen Myron!

Anonymous said...

You got me again. You are the funniest person alive.

Rabbit said...

Uh...last I understood, he's all twig, no berries.

I guess if you're chasing little girls, they won't understand the difference anyway. It's all gross to them.


phlegmfatale said...

myron - I spose.

hammer - it is sort of an icky age difference, at least when she is still so young. If she were 50, it wouldn't seem so wide an age gap

hollyb - Timber!

mushy - So, if you had a 21 year old daughter, you'd be okay with that? That's cool.
And no, you can't catch cancer - I was just being silly. :P

A - you're just saying that because you've met me in person and know it's true. Glad you enjoyed it

rabbit - Oh, my bad. Nutless wonder, then. *L* Um, I'm not even going to touch that last bit.

Christina RN LMT said...

They're both adults, so who gives a flying fuck, anyway?
I'm more creeped out by how skinny she is. (Her sister more, though)
Hey, I thought he still had ONE ball at least, right?

g bro said...

Girl, what the hell you talkin' bout?

Anonymous said...

hey, that wasn't me, but I did love it. Sheryl Crow maybe, but if thats true gag me with a pitchfork. Somebody take his other ball, he doesn't deserve it. Hurry before he goes after my daughter and I have to shoot him. A

DAMN said...

All meat, no potatoes.

phlegmfatale said...

christina - mkay, honey. So it's okay if Silver dates Wayne Newton when she turns 18? Cool - I'll bet she'll be thrilled! :p Yeah, I thought he had one nut, too.

g bro - enjoyed that, did ya?

A - oh, well, thanks to that other anonymous person, whoever they are.

Yeah, I don't know who'd be meaner - you or your daughter's daddy - the moron who messed with your kids would so have it coming.

mechuahua - On the other hand, that Ashley heifer is like, worf a billion bucks, or something, and all because she looked like a Monchichi on television at the age of 3, bless her. Oh well.

g bro said...

You weren't kidding?! Good Lord!

Zelda said...

I'm not one to squabble over age differences since I fully intend (if I ever become unfortunately widowed) to find me a Barely Legal Young (Male) Hottie with Low Self-Esteem.

But my BLY(M)HwLSE must at least give the appearance of testicular descension.

In other words, Lance is pushing it.

Christina RN LMT said...

Wayne Newton? Isn't he married?
Hey, he's loaded, so I'd have no objections. JUST KIDDING!
You know my reasonableness ends where my OWN kids are concerned, duh!

FHB said...

No, not MY 21 year old daughter, but someone elses would be fun for a while. I'mm just sayin'...

The dude's doin' what dudes do when they can.. Now, having said that, eeew.

Unknown said...

I get so annoyed whenever I see people wearing those bracelets in this honor. Puh-leeze.