Monday, December 17, 2007

For all those of you who enjoyed the collaborative post of emergency services personnel on that I linked to here earlier this year, there's a new one knocking about.

This time, Law Dog, Ambulance Driver and Babs escort a sweet Little Old Lady through a medical emergency.

Small town Peace Officer responds to a light-hearted call that turns serious.

Then Ambulance Driver arrives at the scene and takes over.

Finally Babs is welcoming warmth and comfort as the patient arrives at small town Emergency Room.

A very nice story, beautifully and lovingly told.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful story, but that was to be expected from the three of them.

Well told.

phlegmfatale said...

Yeah, they're engaging writers, and just all-around good folks.

Barbara said...

Well thank you, Ma'am. :)

Ambulance Driver said...

Thanks, Phlegmmy!

DBA Dude said...

Enjoyed that one as much as the first one.

Looking forward to reading the next one already.