Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kevin at Brown Valley Kingdom hepped me to this bit of news insanity: A Mayo Clinic surgeon is in the hot-seat after he snapped a photo with his cell phone of a patient's man-thing, as it had a tattoo which read "Hot Rod" which he noticed when catheterizing the patient for gall-bladder surgery [whatever happend to "Welcome to Jamaica, Have a nice day?"] Someone else on staff alerted the media that a physician had committed an unethical act, and then things went legal. The surgeon was suspended and the whole thing is under review. Apparently the hospital had the surgeon to call the patient rather than have him find out on the news.

The 27 year-old strip club owner patient said he was increasingly stressed-out by the situation, becoming angrier and angrier about the event as time passes. Apparently, he holds no ill will against the person who dared him to have a tattoo needle driven into his (has to be erect for the process) penis hundreds of times, and yet someone else finding that remarkable is some sort of outrage? This big-girl's blouse* doth protest too much, methinks. I'm sure his strip-club is a lovely and fine establishment where nothing illegal or degrading ever occurs, but even so, being in that business, I sort of find specious any claim that he felt in some way violated by the physician. Next we'll hear the catheterization was a form of rape.

Sorry, but I will go on about this: this man profits from a business in which women place their bodies on display, and yet he feels degraded by the curiosity over his self-mutilation by a medical professional who deals with people with physical/psychological issues for his job. Like, you know, for work, and stuff? I mean, they pay him to deal with body stuff, and the physician is supposed to be some sort of nut-job for noticing? Puh-leeze.

It's crawling with idiots, this place.

*Big Girl's Blouse is an idiom in Britain meaning "ineffectual or weak, someone failing to show masculine strength or determination"


Christina RN LMT said...

The problem is the patient was anesthetized and powerless, and the doctor took advantage of that.

Definitely censure the doc, but honestly, you're right about titty-baby's complaining.

And he's a money-grubbing asshole if he sues.

Just Another Old Geezer said...

Of all the tats I saw in the US by God Navy, not one was on a dingus.

And my first thought was with you phlemmy. The idiot runs a strip club. What's fair is what's fair. Should be a rule. They show theirs, he shows his. I would. I mean if I had one there.

phlegmfatale said...

christina - Well, I agree it would have been more appropriate for the doctor to come back when the guy was conscious and say "I couldn't help noticing..." and politely asked for a photograph. However, the surgeon would have billed for extra doctor time for that visit, so I'm thinking most people would simply prefer to have him snap the photo while he was already down there. Yes, he's clearly a pussy, in any case. Perhaps it's sexist of me, but I don't think this is on the order of someone who trifles with an unconscious person's nads with liscentious intents.

myron - Then again, you're a submarine guy - you've proven yourself in ways in which that milksop will never be tested. Hardcore? I'll believe he's hardcore when he pierces a hemhorroid.

Zelda said...

The guy is obviously a pussy, and if he were a real man, he'd offer to model the next snapshot.

But the rules are there for a reason, and the doctor was very wrong (not to mention stupid) for violating them. He's not paid to take snapshots of interesting genetalia no matter how normal that reaction is.

Unknown said...

I don't know, I kind of see the difference as christina said and the fact the guy wasn't even conscious when it happened. Women CHOOSE to work at a strip club and put their bodies on display like that -- no one forces them to (and the patrons aren't allowed to take pictures).

A doctor's office is a place that I think everyone has a right to privacy and a little dignity. He didn't grant permission for the doctor to take the picture, so I think he has every right to be pissed.

phlegmfatale said...

brilliantly put, zelda.

I see your point, though, and yours too, becky, as well as christina's. Never mind that he profits from an exploitative industry, I can see that we don't want to start qualifying who can and can't be mistreated by medical professionals.

I still think he's an embarrassment of a man if he'd mutilate himself by having a tat on his moneymaker but is offended by someone finding it remarkable enough to photograph. I think most men who'd tat their dicks would be proud to show 'em.

Buck said...

I knew a USAF Staff Sergeant in the waaay-back who had a fly tattooed on the head of his. And I saw it way too many times, as well. This guy had the unfortunate habit of whipping it out when he got "beyond a certain point" where alcohol was concerned. Impressive in a very bizarre sort of way the first time you see it...much less so the second and subsequent times.

But...back to the post. There's a lawsuit coming sure as night follows day. This is STILL America, after all. Hit the Lottery, or the legal equivalent.

Rabbit said...

My uncle, who was on a diesel-electric pigboat in the late 60's-early 70's, had 'Welcome Aboard" tattooed on his Little Uncle.

I've heard that's quite the crowd pleaser.


Detail Medic said...

There's a certain expectation that your privacy will be respected while you are having medical procedures - not so when you're a stripper. No doubt the ass is just a big crybaby, but it was still pretty bad judgement on the doc's part. It's one thing to talk about the tat, and a whole 'nother thing to take a picture of it! VERBOTEN!

Debbie Does Nothing said...

I agree with your perspective on tattoo boy. What creeped me out about the story is remembering myself going into surgery and the hulking male nurse who was the one who inserted my catheter and removed it later in recovery, all while I was unconscious. He was surly toward me. The thought that he might have a picture of me makes me shudder.

phlegmfatale said...

buck - I confess the concept of the fly mystifies me. Yeah, I can imagine that would get pretty stale. Yup, no doubt. We already know he's someone willing to exploit others for money, so why not?

rabbit - holy crap - sounds like a wild man.

detail medic - yeah, it's too bad this surgeon ruined his career over this.

debbiedn - jeez. sounds creepy.

g bro said...

I got as far as "Welc.." and ran out of room.

Buck said...

G Bro: you probably shoulda gone for something smaller than a 14-point font. ;-)

Phlegmmy: The fly was always the question... and there was no good answer, other than "it was one of the available designs." Probably one of the smallest designs, too.