Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm obsessed with cornball vintage ceramics. Once I saw a hideous cactus pot of some rube-type fellow with his waistband pooching out, a stately column of cactus rising majestically from within, and ever since then, I've sort of been ruined for proper, tasteful ceramics.

Every so often I troll ebay for that perfect cactus planter, but I've yet to find it. I admit this Indian fellow sorta comes close, but he's kind of
expensive (counting the $16.48 shipping) and doesn't ooze the rednecky charm I'm craving in a cactus pot, although he rates mightily in the un-PC-quotient, which counts for something, in my book.

Then there's the two tripod planter boys from wossit, Asia sumerother. I want to understand these planters, but I don't. Tragically, the seller didn't include a second photo to 'splain how the whole set-up works, what with where the plant thingie goes in and all that. I'm guessing the plant is somehow involved in what appears to be a third leg on these little acrobats, but who knows? They frighten me, but I love those burnished gold sleeve-cuffs.

Finally, there's my personal favorite: this darling little gem. No, it doesn't have the redneck appeal or the off-color charm, but I do find it incredibly cute. It may be coming home to mama. I think it's a kitty-cat, so a spiny protuberance from the back-end might be apropos. I dont' know for sure, but I'm betting the little black dots on the cheeks harbored little glued-on whiskers back in the day. Then again, this may be meant to be a squirrel. This piece is likely 1930s or 40s. Good stuff.

Gosh, it's been way too long since I've been out junking. I'm getting the urge... There may be a trip to Canton* in my future... hmmm...

*gi-normous North Texas flea market


Anonymous said...

The kitty is cute, especially with a plant growing out it's arse.

The other two have me stumped;)

Buck said...

I think we need a photo-tour of your living space, Phlegmmy. I'd like to know/see were you put all the stuff you write about! ;-)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Those are really one-of-a-kinders that you have there. One needs a little touch of the kitsch to keep things in balance, I think.

Christina RN LMT said...

The Tripod People creep me out.
Like the kitty, though!

Lin said...

No! Stop! You NEED to hold out for one of the clowns with the big cactus poking up out of its waistband - I know the ones you are talking about. Don't settle for less here! Do some unrelated retail therapy until the urge to settle for less subsides.