Monday, December 10, 2007


This is a seed necklace I made for Dianne, Kimmer's mom. Turquoise, pineapple quartz, glass, carnelian carved leaves, weird seeds (I have no idea what kind of seeds these are). I love making wonky mixes of stuff like this. I'm jumping back into the beadwork/beadmaking with a vengeance. (which, for me, doing something with a vengeance means I'll think about it every once in a while, so wish me luck.) When I get some more stuff run up and get my art glass gallery in Dallas re-stocked with stuff, then I'll list some of this crap on


Commerce. Ain't it grand?


I would like to personally bitch-slap any person who applies makeup whilst driving. Hey, jerk: get up 5 minutes earlier and make yourself cute at home and try not to endanger the rest of us any more than is absolutely unavoidable.


Gave my little dog a bath tonight. She's a short-haired terrier and really doesn't need a bath very often, but she's been seeming a little funky lately. Poor thing. And now it's so cold. I hope she'll forgive me.

I just mopped the entire living room before her bath, and now she's christened it.



Haven't turned the heat on once yet this year, but if tomorrow is like today, I may break down and flip on the switch. Brrrr. Now if it rained and I could stay in bed a couple days with a book, life would be bliss.


About midday Sunday I got a wild hankering for chiles relleno from Matt's Rancho Martinez in Dallas. They are at 6332 La Vista right next to the art deco Lakewood theater, where Gaston/Columbia/and Abrams all meet. Anyhoo, I'd been puttering around the house before and got a teeny bit of a shock when I stopped for gas and realized how bitterly cold it was outside. (nice!) Perfect weather for Mexican food.

I'm not a fiend for Mexican food, but I do love rellenos, so when they are on the menu, that's almost always what I choose. A relleno is a poblano pepper (or sometimes an Anaheim) roasted just enough so the skin peels off the outside and so the membranes (where the heat is in this pepper) pull out easily. Then the pepper is stuffed with a mild white cheese, pre-cooked chicken or beef (I always get the cheese). The next step is where many differ on relleno preparation. My favorites do a really light batter in which this little pocket of paradise is fried for a little bit. Another method is to beat egg whites until stiff, lay a pad of the eggwhite onto the hot grease, then carefully lay the pepper atop, finally covering that with another layer of the frothy eggwhite.

Then, once that little gem is fried, you lay it on a plate and top it with shredded white cheese and some people like a red ranchero sauce, but I like a green tomatillo sauce. For those of you not blessed to already know about tomatillos, they are little green Mexican tomatoes which are a little bitter and not sweet like a conventional red tomato. They have a marvelous flavor, though, and a good tomatillo sauce can really make a dish, in my opinion.

Anyway, Matt's also puts pecans and raisins on top of the shredded cheese. Then it's served with refried beans and Spanish rice. Yum. I think I could eat one again.
Have a great week!


Christina RN LMT said...

What a beautiful, unusual necklace. I like it!

Almost got run over by a lady making a right turn while I was in the crosswalk. Right hand on the steering wheel, left hand holding the cell to her ear, cigarette in her mouth...STUPID. Applying makeup is just as ignorant. I'll gladly join you in the bitch-slappage.

I have yet to have to give my pups baths. I have used "bath wipes" on them when they've gotten into things, or stepped into crap (literally).

I've had my heat on for the past week or so, but the thermostat's set to 68 deg. So it'll only kick in when it really gets cold.

Anonymous said...

Pretty necklace!

Our heat has been on the last 6 weeks. It's cold in AR.

Poor dog, I would have christened your floors to;)

Just Another Old Geezer said...

We've gone from A/C to heat to A/C to heat and back to A/C down here.

And I'm with you on the batter. And we have a Mexican restaurant near us that uses bell peppers. That's a bit strange, to say the least. Kinda like chicken fried meatloaf.

DBA Dude said...

That looks and sounds very tasty - oh and the necklace was cool.

breda said...

How do you make your beads?

Buck said...

Interesting how a mere 200 miles (or so) distance between you and I results in radically different WX. I've had my heat off/on for the last few weeks as well. That said, it was nearly 75 degrees here Friday... but it's 36 degrees out with a steady rain/sleet mix as I speak.

Mmmmm...rellenos! I like the battered, cheese-filled poblanos best...

NotClauswitz said...

I use the quality of the chiles relleno as my Mexican Restaurant bellweather and return-visit tipping-point. If its not done right it's c-ya bub.

Rabbit said...

Ever had the mesquite-grilled chicken breasts with avocado/tomatillo sauce at Primos? You'd probably love it.


FHB said...

Beautiful baubles. You're an arteeest, fer sure.

Unknown said...

When you post your stuff, please be sure to let us know -- I love this type of jewelry and you seem to really have a talent for it!

Lin said...

I am delighted to see you return to jewelry making. That is such a versatile, portable skill. I wish I had your talent for such things. Your results here are completely gorgeous!