Monday, December 24, 2007

What this holiday needs is more zombies.

I don't know if this is unusual, but it certainly looks cruel to me...

Apparently, in the Phillipines, the prisoners are punished by having to re-enact popular music videos. There's Radio Gaga by Queen and something by Black-Eyed Peas(no word on whether the Fergie-alike in that one pees herself like the real deal-- I couldn't bear to hazard a peek). This video features 967 inmates of Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC)Cebu, Philippines.

Here they bring to life the Michael Jackson classic Thriller. At first I saw a woman from a distance in the video and thought "wtf were they thinking, putting a woman in heels in the middle of all those horny criminals?" and then I realized they actually made some poor sucka dress like a woman and play the Michael Jackson date-role from the video. He manages to look rather convincing, except for the occasional side-faux-boob shot of toobsock-boob, but it was his/her male-pattern-baldness wot sent me into ecstasies. (I'm a simple woman with simple tastes. I don't ask for much. Right now, I'm a happy camper.) It's all very icky and surreal, yet mesmerizing and--in its own way-- magnificent.

Sit back and enjoy the crashing waves of zombies.


Kevin said...

That's AWESOME! We need to institute it over here!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they could do a nice waltz?

Very cleaver indeed.

DBA Dude said...

Now that is what I consider cruel and unusual punishment.

Cannot beat Shaun Of The Dead for some good holiday zombie fun.

Carteach said...

That is so ... wrong... in so many ways.

We SERIOUSLY need to do that in the states.

phlegmfatale said...

kevin - Indeed-- talk about a deterrent. They could start with the entire Britney Spears catalog, then there's K-Fed, Eddie Murphy... hmm, the possibilities are dazzling!

lainy - sounds good to me

dba dude- have seen Hot Fuzz, but not SOTD - need to put that on my short list, obviously!

who is... careach0? - Indeed - it just makes good sense, eh? Not only would it give them an occupation and a deterrent, but it would do a world of good for their health and fitness. Really, I'm thinking of their well-being, here.

Buck said...

Dunno about "cruel," but it certainly IS unusual... Nice choreography, tho.

Merry Christmas, Phlegmmy! I hope Santa is good to ya.

LBJ said...

looks too much like my high school gym class. . especially the ugly uniforms.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It's really rather brilliant. Whoever organizes these things has some choreography talent.

And of course, nothing says Christmas like a good zombie invasion.

breda said...

Merry, merry Christmas, Phlegmmy!

Christina RN LMT said...

Fucked. Up.

But strangely entertaining...

Merry Christmas, Phlegmmy!

Dedicated_Dad said...

Having spent much of my younger days running with Bikers, and recent years as friends with several cops and corrections officers, I think I should correct one of your assumptions...

The "girl" is probably quite comfortable in "her" role. Further, I'd be willing to bet she dresses like that a lot.

They didn't let the male lead change HIS outfit, and there'd be no real reason for "her" to change "hers."

He's a she, see. At least in prison...


PS: One of the biggest, baddest bikers I ever met was apparently known as "suzie" on the inside.

It happens.

Now, where did I put that Brain Bleach?


g bro said...

I love it! I saw that a few days ago and just cracked up!

Dedicated_Dad said...

I knew it!

From Wikipedia (,_Philippines_Inmates'_Video))

"...The openly gay inmate Wenjiel Resane plays the role of Michael Jackson's girlfriend. ..."



phlegmfatale said...

buck - they WERE actually pretty good, and I do think it's a good ideer to force some odious tasks on prisoners who are, like, ya know, in prison, and stuff.

lin - gym class? *shudder*

barbara - indeed. It got me right into the holiday spirit - the dancing AND the sound of Vincent Price's yummy voice! *purr*

breda - you too, sweetie!

christina - yup - effed up in all the right ways. Merry Christmas to you and Silver, too!

dedicated dad - THAT was a fabulous comment. Yeah, I DID think the guy looked a little TOO well-immersed in his "terrified female" role. Brain bleach, indeed. That guy is just NOT pretty. I'm guessing they cast the core group of featured performers based on their dancing ability, rather than their boyish good looks. Yucky-poo.

g bro - instant classic!

dedicated dad - Inquiring minds!!! Hilarious. That guy'll have his own talk/chat show on tv in the PI in no time - you just watch. I think the authorities did a good thing in this case -- I've rather been fantasizing about what tortures they were threatened with if they didn't participate willingly... Sweet!