Sunday, December 16, 2007

Man gets put on a sex offender list for 3 years for interfering with a bicycle sexually. (I'm not making this up. This is a real, true story - click on the link for details.)
So that's what the men in those oogy outfits get up to. Yuck.

bicycles have feelings too, ya know. I wonder if they did a rape kit thingie on the bike.

I don't know what's more disturbing-- that this guy made nice to a bike, or that someone actually prosecuted him for having done so.

So, he didn't harm another human being or an animal, and he didn't commit any public weirdness? I say he should be left to his own devices.


Anonymous said...

Mind blowing!

What the hell was he thinking? I can't believe he tried that and is being charged with a sex offender charge.

What a bunch of sickos!

Attila the Mom said...

Those wacky Brits! LOL

breda said...

at first I thought, "Oh, he must have been doing this in public."

But no, he was in his own bedroom. Wth?

Roberta X said...

...On the other hand, if persons are not safe to hump their own bicycle in their own bedroom in the UK, I have something in my nighstand that'd get me put on the same perv-o-list if I were a Briton.

Can't we just leave people's bedroom doors locked? TMI!

phlegmfatale said...

lainy - it's bass-ackwards!

attila - nutty as heck!

breda - Perzackley. I mean, the idea (it seems) is to outrage people that this guy boinked a bike - but who gives a rat's ass? Were any bicycles harmed in his exploits? I rather think not. He wasn't infringing on anyone's rights and presumably, he owns his bike and was in a private place, so I don't get it.

roberta x - again, perzackley! In the privacy of their own homes/apartments/paid-for spaces, even if I think it's icky, I think a person should be able to juggle chainsaws, if it suits their fancy and doesn't disturb other folks. This is waaaay too meddlesome.

Lin said...

I'd say it is the bicycle's fault - at any time, it could have truthfully said "No ... I can't, I am just TWO-TIRED".

Just great, now I have to expand my definition of 'bicycle pump'.

DBA Dude said...

You have to wonder what sort of fore play the bicycle got, or maybe we had better not.

Have to agree that what people get up to in their own space is their business - as long as it is all consensual.

phlegmfatale said...

lin - No doubt the scenario would have been un-wheeled-y at best. *hyuk!*

you got called a genius over on Tam's blog over that comment right there.

That's sheer brilliance, darling. I've been chuckling all day over it! Cheers!

dba dude - one boggles, dear! Yup, victimless crime, pa-tooey. what happened in his bedroom should have stayed there. Private.

FHB said...

"Mormon missionary finds new position"... Shocking.