Saturday, December 15, 2007

Don't be messin' with Rita Moreno.
She's bad.
She's at least two nations wide.


OMG! It gets even better:
I was thinking "damn, Rita is smokin' hot in this video, must've been about 40-ish", so, I poked around tha Intarw3bz and found out she was at or near 50 in this video! She is the only Puerto Rican actress to have won an Oscar, Golden Globe, a Tony and an Emmy-- she's a triple-threat power-house performer. And gosh, isn't it awesome to see a naturally lovely (i.e., unenhanced) rack on a female performer? Alert the media!

Of course, she was in West Side Story in 1961 when she was 30, but the film producers really tried to dowdy her up so she wouldn't compete for ingenue status with non-latin co-star Natalie Wood. Whatevs.

Rita Moreno is fierce. Animal knew what he was talking about!


Anonymous said...

"My kinda wo-man!"

You and me both, bro. You and me both.

Anonymous said...

Loved this! Who knew Rita could sing like that!

Now I'm ready for the day to start!

none said...

Yep, good stuff!

breda said...

LOVE the Muppet Show!!

Just Another Old Geezer said...

"Loved this! Who knew Rita could sing like that!"

Anybody as old as me, lainy. Anybody watching Cane? Rita still lookin' good.

phlegmfatale said...

pdb - Animal was spot-on

lainy - and she's a brilliant actress - this is absolutely hilarious - she manages to look genuinely surprised and unsettled. Comedy gold.

hammer - sho nuff

breda - me TOO!

myron - Rita is an absolute Goddess. I'd like to see her a little plump, actually - she's always been so thin, but she's a dynamo, and no mistaking. Still rockin' at 76. Fabulous!

Buck said...

Now THAT was waay-cool. Still smilin', I am.

re: And gosh, isn't it awesome to see a naturally lovely (i.e., unenhanced) rack on a female performer? Alert the media!

I'm already on-the-record elsewhere on this subject, so I'll just add an a-MEN.

Christina RN LMT said...

I'm glad she kicked his ass, he had it coming, trying to upstage her like that!

She is a knock-out. Hope I can hang on to my looks like that...oh, wait, I'd have to HAVE some first.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Wow. I want to be Rita Moreno when I grow up!

Attila the Mom said...

I've always adored Rita. She was on Ugly Betty last season and she looks amazing! said...

She is tought..."Finish it!"

That was her line on CANE...she is the power of that show!

Zelda said...

Love Rita Moreno. Saw her as a teenager in some bad-girls-in-prison movie fairly recently. She was amazing even then. And I loved her character in West Side Story. Redeemed the whole prancy movie, imho.

FHB said...

She's always been the coolest thing on the screen, whatever she's in.