Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: Hungry Hungry Puppos

Here we see the pupples getting their feed on this morning. Hey are hungry, hungry puppehs. I was feeding them the amount recommended for their size, and they have gotten really skinny, so I've gone back to feeding them about double that amount. I mean, I was seeing ribs and I thought they looked puny. I don't want them to be fat little sausages or anything, but I like them looking like they have a little meat on their bones. After all, it's not like they are third-world dogs, or sumpin'. I expect very soon, too, I'll be cooking at home a lot and no doubt they will be scarfing up all manna which drops to the floor, so their diets will be supplemented. Dogs are great cleanup crew in that regard.


Vinogirl said...

My floor is always clean :)

Jon said...

Some dogs do well when they have food at all times. Mine always have food, but none are overweight.

Holly said...

Just watch their weight.It's easier to keep it off than get it off, as my dawg dieters will attest.
And ditto on the clean floors, especially in the kitchen.