Monday, December 14, 2009

Curtains for Democracy

Wow! What a relief!

Up next: little streams of alcohol will come a'tricklin' down the rocks.

Now will Barry start making my car and mortgage payments already, as we were promised?

Actually, this is only so much codswallop meant to obfuscate the economic folly of an already out-of-control government attempting to take over the healthcare industry. Utter foolishness. Does anyone actually believe in Obama any more? Really? Is the shell game not obvious to everyone?

Everything's fine here. Nothing to see. Nothing to see. Pay no mind to how we in the gubmint (and kudos to a union or two) utterly buggered the automotive industry and trifled with the housing funding industries to disastrous results. Let us manage every aspect of your healthcare. We know what's best for you and we really care and you're too stupid/inept/downtrodden to do it for yourself. Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain. All is well. All is well.


Anonymous said...

Oh, then that's why my house insurance has gone up $10 a month, my vehicle insurance is up $128 a year, my medical is up $5 a month (and State Farm told me the premiums wouldn't go up for another 4 years), I don't get COLA but my Medicare costs more for less. I guess those don't count as inflation?

TOTWTYTR said...

Maybe everybody in the Obama Administration agrees the recession is over, but the people out of work, taking pay cuts, missing payments, and with minuscule 401Ks don't know it.

Mrs. TOTWTYTR took about a $50.00/week pay cut, Mr. TOTWTYTR's organization has a pay and hiring freeze on for at least one year. We consider ourselves lucky because we still have jobs.

I'll consider this recession over when I see reports of companies hiring, not laying people off.

Which, according to the other experts on Fox News this morning, will be another year or so.

Old NFO said...

I guess I better be happy with a job... sigh...