Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Problems with Products.

I went to WalMark today to stock up on some stuff and I'm really annoyed about two things: deodorant and toothpaste.

Call me kooky.

Thank you.

I don't like deodorants with antiperspirants. I think antiperspirants aren't good for you, but it is nigh impossible to find a deodorant without the antiperspirants, these days. And even harder to find one that is truly unscented. Come to that, I hate deodorants wot smell like perfume, or fruit, or flowers, or anything. I don't want my deodorant or my shampoo to smell like cantaloupe, lemon or mint. Why no garlic-smelling stuff? See my point? If I'm un-smelling, I want to be un-smelling all the way, mkay? By the way, I think someone could make a mint if they made a perfume based on Hoppe's 9, don't you?

Sweat isn't born stinky, but turns stinky when bacteria cause it to ferment. Yeah, that's pretty disgusting to think about, but I think it's got to be bad for you to stop a natural process like sweating. After all, sweat is one way by which toxins leave your body, right? Would you plug up other areas from which toxins evacuate your system? [If yes, then please don't answer.] Anyway, I think it's strange and bad to stop that function. Maybe it's silly of me. Maybe I'd feel differently about it if I were a more sweaty person. In any case, I'd rather deal with sweat than use any aluminum chloride or aluminum-compound based anti-perspirants - that crap can't be good for you. But maybe I'm wrong and I'm silly for putting up with sweat. Like I said-- feel free to call me kooky.

Now on to toothpaste-- just as it is now nearly impossible to find soap which is not anti-bacterial [duh! the soap breaks the cell walls of grime and other oogy things, dunnit? thus it am soap], why is it so hard to find toothpaste that doesn't promise primarily to whiten one's teeth? I want my mouth clean and my teeth healthy. Looking fairly white would be nice, but I don't want eerily white teeth badly enough to use whitening products which would make them more sensitive to hot or cold foods. I don't get that. Bleaching teeth can't be good for them, and I don't care to trade the long-term health of my teeth for them looking blindingly white. In that spirit, I refuse to buy a toothpaste whose package promises whitening, thus am I met with a shrinking array of choices on the toothpaste aisle. *harumph*

I also have no intention of quitting my iced tea habit, regardless of the stains. I could quit anytime I wanted to. I'm not an addict. Yeah, I could walk away from it.

...but I ain't gonna. WYSIWYG.


Ambulance Driver said...

But you don't sweat, you glisten.

Wayne said...

Aluminum accumulation in the body has been linked to making you reyclable.

Oh and all soap is anti-bacterial. It's a fuction of pH. Labeling it that way is one of the great marketing ploys...second only to New Coke. That crap waws brilliant.


phlegmfatale said...

AD is a wise man.

Tole: recyclable? Hyuk! Thot so re: pH. What a road of clap, as Benny Hill used to say.

Mrs. Widget said...

I have stopped using deodorants. I found that the high Gold brand powder works (green package). It absorbs the sweat, gosh does it absorb sweat, and the smell is fairly neutral. The menthol in it kills bacteria. Though it smarts, menthol, like in Vicks rub. My husband's first experience with the green stuff where we don't talk about resulted in an extra morning shower and much shrieking (and giggles).

Anonymous said...

Drug Emporium has a little rock. It looks like a hunk of quartz, and it's hard to find, but if you look hard enough, it's there. It's a natural deodorant, unscented, and un-chemicalled. Look for it.

breda said...

Is the guy with the armpit Will Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation?

MiniKat said...

My hubby and I get our soap from friends who make and sell it. It's lye based and they make honest-to-pete plain soap in addition to scents for those interested. If you'd like their contact info, I will happily oblige.

There's also an unscented deodorant made by Tom's of Maine somewhere out there. My mother likes it because stingy things aren't attracted to her whilst she gardens. Not certain where she buy it as the stores up here only carry perfumed versions of that product.

Buddy said...

We buy deodorant from our local Herb store, it comes in many formats, and is all natural with no aluminum. Works just as well as any others I have tried!

George said...

My ex said she was taught, "Horses sweat, Men perspire, and Women glow..."
I agree about the no antiperspirant.
I've used one of those deodorant crystal stones for years.
...and, Women who smell of Hoppe's...oooo.

OrangeNeck said...

I used antiperspirant once. Once. It clogged up my sweat glands so bad, I thought I had heat rash. Then once (well, okay, twice - being that the first time I didn't know), I used the Scent Killer soap. Little did I realize it was an antiperspirant too. And this time I got it all over my body. I had "heat rash" from my pits to my groin. Now, whenever I go hunting, I just use Ivory soap and wear the X-Scent underclothing and I am virtually scent free, no matter how much I sweat or fart in my clothes.

I'm going to have to look for Tom's of Maine unscented deodorant. I've been looking awhile now for unscented deodorant. Thanks for the tip.

Jon said...

I worked with a man that cooked the tallow down, poured water through ashes to make lye, and made his own homemade soap. Powerful stuff it was. Stripped grease from your hands better than Lava.

Personally, I've never had a problem with antiperspirants, except when I failed to use them. Store bought soap is in the same category. Brands aren't nearly as important as smell. If I like the smell (or lack of), then it's what I want. It smells better than dirty underarms and butt crack.

As far as toothpaste, I read a book that had the ingrediants and effects of the stuff. It seems counterproductive to healthy teeth, but so does not brushing.

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

Bonnie said...

Tom's Unscented Deodorant works very well, as does the Lavender scent, actually. I'm trying to get myself used to non-anti-perspirant stuff, because I've been advised that it would probably make me feel a lot better. Unfortunately, I'm a sweaty-pitted gal, and I usually end up smelling like a football team at the end of the day. I might try the Gold Bond powder stuff...that sounds like a good idea.

I also use Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash. It's the dry-mouth, non-alcohol-based brand, and I absolutely love it. I started using it when I got my tongue pierced several years ago, and even after it healed, and I took the post out, I kept using the paste. The only places I've been able to consistently find it have been Target and Walgreens.