Friday, June 13, 2008

George Michael is on tour celebrating 25 years in the music bidness. A British tabloid is reporting he's fixin' to hang it up and fade into the background for a more quiet life.

Talking to the BBC about the end of his 25 Live Tour, which began in 2006, he said: "Mainly the reason is because I'm 45 and I think pop music should be about youth culture. It shouldn't be an endurance test."

Wow. Sounds oddly like common sense. When you compare this to Madonna whose career will never end, it's actually rather refreshing. Then again, the Rolling Stones have 20 years on Madonna, and they're still clutching for dear life. I don't know which is more disturbing.I know he's had his very public embarrassments, but that statement sounds like he may be more down-to-earth than your average mega-star. Good luck with that, George.
Um, sweetie? They're just not cute. Heelarious are faux high-heeled baby shoes.

Coming soon: sonogram photo retouching so your fetus looks sexier.
Separated at Birth:

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Um, Juliette? 1984 called, and Eddie Van Halen wants his pants back.


Kate said...

Whoever thought of those baby shoes needs their heads examined. Sheesh, it appears even a baby can't be a baby anymore - they've got to be an adult the minute they're born!

HollyB said...

I'm with Kate... those shoes are sicko.
I never thought Juliette was a looker and this pic just confirms it...I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw that. Even Sean Penn's perpetual sneer looks more authentic than JL. BUt neither looks as real as the Alien.

Anonymous said...

Saw GM on IDOL, would not have reconized him but his performance was moving. He has grown into his art in a masterful way.

B said...

I actually alwys thought baby shoes were the ultimate excuse for designers to express their most whimsical and nonfunctional ideas. If I ever procreate my child will have plush strawberries on thir feet, or plush geisha sandals (zori?). When else (besides being wheelcahir boound) can you adorn the feet with such pure fun?
It's too bad the pair you found have a groan-inducingly STUPID name
and are are just plain ugly.

g bro said...

1. Too bad George Michael didn't it down before his arrests (or better, before he ever made a video).
2. Juliette Lewis - trailer park chic. Holly "never thought she was a looker." Classic understatement.
3. Let's play a game of whore-shoes!

Ann diPomazio said...

Those shoes are totally disturbing. Totally. As are the pants our handsome Juliette is donning.

I have always thought Juliette Lewis was a ringer for John Cameron Mitchell and or Rachel Griffiths.

Thud said...

George..down to earth! He left earth orbit a long time ago..perhaps here in England we get to hear more about him but seriously...he's a nutter.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Does Juliette Lewis even act anymore? Or just that shes a rocker?

B said...

Oh and PS-
If I could make my fetus look like a porn star I'd be all over that shit as well. At least I could bring something interesting to the table instead of boring friends and family with the same fucking peanut in orbit image every expectant mother has been subjecting kin to since the technology was available.

Unknown said...

I think George will be touring in a few years again, when his recent well has dried up.