Friday, June 20, 2008

Starstruck, much?

Well, actually, yeah.

Along about a year ago, I posted a video of The Puppini Sisters' brilliant rendition of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights. This is and has remained a high water mark for re-makes of classic tunes for me.

Thursday was a major visit to my property by code compliance peoples. I got to the office by 8 (I usually drag in at my scheduled 10AM) and met the kind gentleman charged with inspecting the property. A maintenance person assisted him in his rounds of the property while I sat in the office tackling a pile of paperwork. Along about noon, I was wishing they'd wrap it up so I could go get lunch. Well, the minutes crawled by, but finally the inspection was over at nearly 2pm. I went to an eatery in the victory park area of town, and ordered my food. I chatted with the waiter about the Puppini Sisters (playing that evening) for a few minutes, and tucked into my lunch. Within a few minutes, three sirens entered the restaurant and sat a couple tables over from me. ZOMG! It was the Puppini Sisters. Though they weren't in their usual stagey glam-doll getups, they did look just as gorgeous as ever. The blond was wearing mustard-color lizard cowgirl boots. Yes!

I sat poking at my food and trying to peek discreetly at my heroines. I thought about approaching them and saying something politely praise-filled but non-gushy. Then I noticed a mushroom floating in a puddle of gravy on the hem of my light-blue blouse-- uh, um, maybe some other time. Probably they prefer to eat in peace, anyhoo. Still, it was a thrill to get a sneak preview.

Well, the good news is I just got home from seeing The Puppini Sisters at House of Blues, and it was a phenomenal show. Seriously, I had goosebumps. Anyhoo, if they come to your town and you don't go see them, well, you need your head examined. Fun show, all around, oozing artistry and brilliant musicianship. The act is wonderfully theatrical, and a good time was had by all. The girls also mentioned they love Dallas, that they'd never been so far south, and had each acquired several pair of boots today while in town. Yee Haw! I think we should perhaps give them honorary citizenship.


Mauser*Girl said...


Bonnie said...

Okay, so I totally love singing along to music like this. I just bought two of the albums. *blush*

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Damned mushroom gravy! It sounds as though you had a very puppini day!

Anonymous said...

Live it up, you deserve it :)

phlegmfatale said...

mauser girl - Still pinching myself, too!

squeay - Yeah - they're fantastic. I hope you enjoy them!

barbara - It was truly delightful.

lainy - kicking up my heels, here.