Tuesday, June 10, 2008

horrors. horrors.

Um, I'm all about eating animals, even in the fish-bait sushi-fied form. We climbed to the top of the chum bucket for a reason, and by golly, they'd eat us if they had a chance, so I say we git while the getting's good.

That said, I think this video is a bit twisted. And wait: is that Van Halen's "Top of the World," as in living on top of? Yes, nothing says "mad knife skills" to the Japanese teewee watching public like 80s American hairband gods. I'm just staggered by this scenario - I mean, I know I eat a lot of fish and they probably don't have a grand time of it on the way to my plate, but to be fileted and plopped back into the tank just seems, oh, I dunno, uh, kinda mean.

And what's with them blurring out the fish as it's being skinned alive? Witness protection program? I mean, if it's such an impressive achievement to skin a live fish without it writhing in agony, why do the identity-protection thing? If we see that fish swimming about denuded of his hide, I think we're going to recomonize him anyhoo.

Speaking of being denuded of life-preserving skins, why does this chef bring to mind the IRS?

What do you think? Am I being too thin-skinned?


B said...

ok honestly I am confused.
Do they eat the fish at any point or is it just for pure show?
Aren't the Japanese all about no wasted movements, words, energy, etc?

Maybe they're not allowed to show knife/flesh contact, hence the blurring? Did yo know in the US the FCC forbids the mention of one body part entering another-i.e. my finger in your nose? This made g-rated phone sex calls quite challenging.
Yes, they exist.

NotClauswitz said...

That's just plain nuts.

Buck said...

That's MORE than a bit twisted. But I'm curious enough that I'll send the url to The Second Mrs. Pennington. She (hopefully) will tell me what the announcer's saying...

Dedicated_Dad said...

It's certainly FRESH...

I do a bit of fishing, a friend runs charters. Fish go in a "live well" or a cooler with ice. When we come home, he breaks out the electric knife.

Now, the first cut is shallow, just through the spine, just behind the head. This (hopefully) prevents poor fishie from feeling what's coming. This is done at my request, after witnessing what follows.

Second cut is along the bones from the gills to the tail. The resultant "flap" is flipped over, and the third cut skins the meat from the skin.

Then the fish is flipped over, and the process is repeated. You're left with a head, bones, and two long flaps of skin attached to the tail. This is tossed in the water to fatten up the crabs. The fillets go in a ziplock with some ice, and become a yummy, yummy dinner.

A vast majority of the fish we eat is handled the same way. If it's dead before filleting, it's more likely to be rotten.

Just don't think about it, and eat up.


Anonymous said...

We climbed to the top of the chum bucket for a reason...

I simply love how you turn a phrase!