Monday, June 30, 2008

I've been looking for the most recent Interpol cd for several weeks in town, and it's been impossible to find. Is this because everyone's downloading things these days and I'm stuck in a century in which I refer to albums as "albums?" Borders and Barnes & Noble locations I've visited haven't had it. Meh. I mean, it came out in November and it's not what I'd call obscure music. Then again, I don't know of any radio station playing this, either, or I might listen to the radio occasionally. CD Warehouse at Greenville and Mockingbird had a used copy of Antics, their 2004 release. I've loved the song Evil for a long time from that cd, but I found the video so unsettling that I was never ready to buy the cd. Couldn't figure out what they were on about.

Anyway, whatever they meant, I find I like them. If Ewan MacGregor were a rock band, he'd be Interpol. If Interpol were a clothing item, they'd be a peacoat. If Interpol were a movie, they'd be a Jean Seberg film. Definitely too cool for the room. I love the melodic, guitar-driven sound. Heck- any band who puts 4 guitars on stage - that's timelessly good sound, in my humble opinion.

Anyway, Antics is a fantastic cd, and great housecleaning music, actually. I was in Denton visiting Hols on Sunday and stopped by Hastings, who--bless their hearts-- had a copy of Our Love to Admire-- the latest Interpol fare. Yays. Listened to it on the way to the gun range, and loved it.

Good stuff.

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