Monday, June 09, 2008

What a difference a daze makes!

Amazingly, I got a tremendous amount accomplished on Sunday with my wonky toe and all. It's manifesting the colors of several varietal grapes. Meh. Maybe I'll put a picture up soon, but not today.

Anyhoo. I needed to rearrange 75% of the furniture to make things fit properly, so see that ginormous cabinet with the sliding glass doors in the background? Well, I managed to move it to its new place with the help of a single neighbor. In truth, he did most of the work, but it was surprisingly easy to shift across the smooth concrete floor. Yay! Concrete's not just a great surface for dog pee.

I spent some goodly bit of time disgorging the cabinet of its contents, and then re-filling it. This is where I keep my best cookware and serving pieces, as well as collectible glassware and da booze. I thought it had been several years since I'd turned on the Jetson's TV (panasonic Orbitel TR-005, circa 1969-ish), and I was wondering if it still works. Well, it does, but it had a much better picture when I use to watch Marshal Dillon on it every night at 2am. The sound is great, actually. The images are ghostly, though.

Check out those aerials, though-- methinks this little Martian has a Napoleon complex with those outrageously long antennae.

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NotClauswitz said...

They made the waves bigger back in the old days, so you needed bigger antenna to catch them.