Friday, August 31, 2007

An investment firm has paid $100,000,000 for a 200-300 year old skull which has been plated in platinum and encrusted in diamonds by artist Damien Hirst. The article says the diamonds were "ethically sourced" which made me laugh out loud.

Seriously? Ethically sourced diamonds?

Um, how wonderful that the "artist" is conscientious of how the diamonds were obtained and where they came from. Never mind the actual anonymous human skull he obtained from a London taxidermy shop - no doubt that was completely ethically obtained, as well.



g bro said...

Wow! Where do you find these things out? That's an unusual item, regardless of ethics.

"Taxidermy" sounds like a skin condition you get from riding in cabs.

Anonymous said...

Thats scary stuff! Where indeed did that skull come from? I'm sure I don't want to know.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so...this begs the question...does it go on the mantle, the coffee table, on top of the baby grand, or as a hood ornament?


Anonymous said...

retarded. A

Sudiegirl said...

I dunno...I think she/he/it is BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL!!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Phlegmmy, you have pretty much summed it all up right there! That's insane.

Xavier said...

Weird.......I saw that on the news tonight with the TV muted, and I was wondering what the heck it was!

phlegmfatale said...

g bro - you know me - always making up news!

lainy - testing indicates the skull was a European male, mid-30s who lived sometime between 1720 and 1810. Yes, yucky.

rabbit - oh, it's definitely necklace material

sis - Quite.

sudie - you're just dazzled by all that ice, baby!

barbara - insane, and in very, veddy bad taste

xavier - well, I'm happy to give you the Cliff Notes version!

Christina RN LMT said...

So why didn't the "artist" add some bling to the teeth, hmmmm?
I'm seeing a nice grille, maybe?!
Definitely a gold tooth, at least.
That would elevate this "art" from the merely adequate to the sublime, in my humble opinion. ;)

Hobie said...

Amazing, simply amazing. That somebody would think that such a thing was artistic...

FWIW, I bet the skull was from a medical school cadaver stolen from a graveyard (at best).

Anonymous said...

Am I reading that right? One hundred million?? Is there that much value in the foo foo rah that now adorns great-great-great-great-great grampa? What investment firm is it? Is the CEO's last name Hsu? I'm also a bit curious about the taxidermy shop. Do they carry a large selection of human remains? Could I get a skull with, er, bits of hair and skin still on it, for example? Or take one like that in to be,umm, decorated?

FHB said...

Freaky. When I heard about this I figured it was some sort of artifact from an earlier era. Ethically sourced? Hilarious.

NotClauswitz said...

The skull looks happy anyhow. :-)
I like it better than the Chinese prisoner-corpses that that crazy German peeled down to layers of tissue... Those suckers didn't look too happy.

Anonymous said...

At, it was reported Friday that Hirst himself was one of the investors in the investment firm. No one else bought it, so he saved face by buying it himself. He will tour it around the world, then try to sell it again.

Anonymous said...

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