Sunday, August 05, 2007

OK, I'm still sick but I'm marginally improved, my status having gone to merely "crap" from the hammered variety.

My throat started feeling funny Sunday night, then felt mildly sore the next two days. Wednesday midday my throat was officially sore, my head was throbbing and my throat was scratchy. By 8:30 Wednesday evening, I was useless. All my bones, muscles and joints ached, and I could feel and hear the congestion in my lungs and sinuses, but my nose never ran. Thursday morning I actually went to work a couple hours, although I was miserable. Thursday night was VERY bad.

Friday morning I woke up with 102.6 degree temp and called my doctor. The useless reception person said they couldn't see me that day, and I asked if they could phone an Rx for Tamiflu to my pharmacy. He took a list of my symptoms, my contact info and the number of my pharm. He told me they wouldn't call in the Rx until after noon. About 1:30 I hadn't heard back from them, so I called the pharmacy to see if it was called in. It hadn't been. I called the doctor's office. Guess what? They close at noon on Friday. Bastard.

So I've been grappling with over-the-counter stuff, trying to find the perfect combination to bend the symptoms to my will, with little success. Tonight I had a bowl of Pho (Vietnamese soup) with an evil amount of Sriracha sauce, et voila! I have at last found a decongestant. At least my head is somewhat clear for the moment.

Anyway, this entire post is pretty much in the vein of whining. I feel like my ribs will snap off at any moment from all the unproductive coughing. I've pulled a couple abdominal muscles. Everything hurts, especially my ears.

Whatever this is, it's some evil stuff. Do all you can to avoid it. Trust me.

I actually told my mother on the phone yesterday "if I die of this stuff, don't you dare let that bastard **** preach my funeral. I'll come back and haunt you." Mom laughed. I was serious.

It's funny how perception slips sideways when you're really sick for several days. I have a clock that projects the time on the ceiling, and I remember waking up at one point in the night and wondering why my clock was now in Japanese characters.

I just hope I'm on the downhill slide. I sure wish I could have had some Tamiflu, though. Sounds like miraculous stuff.


Anonymous said...


If you live through until Monday you might have it made. If you do get the 'script for Tamilflu by then it might be past the window of opportunity to do much good.

Something tells me you use the same practice I do. I always have 'issues' with their office staff, and they, too, were closed Friday. Bastages. I've waited 4 weekdays for a phone call to come pick up a copy of my latest lab reports. Got an insurance policy waiting for them.

Not that they *really* want to insure me...


phlegmfatale said...

Well, I can ask for a script for it for the next time. This guy is a total piece of shit. I've always been nice and friendly to him, and he's obviously bored with the whole process, just waiting for the moment the dance clubs open.

Anonymous said...

My sympathy's. My hubby is still fending off this awful virus. Nothing seems to dry him out. I hope you're able to get some relief. I did hear that Musinex is supposed to be very good at drying up all the congestion.I've never tried it so I have no opinion.
Meanwhile, I'm playing nurse for hubby.
You should send the doc a thank you card, one that says screw you and your staff. I'll be happy to sign it for you. :)-
Get better.

Anonymous said...

I notice around here a lot of businesses are going to a 4 day work week.

Hard to imagine such symptoms in this heat. One would think the ailment could be sweated out during this sweltering season. Glad you are through the worst of it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Do get a medical check next week, regardless of how much you've improved. I don't want to be alarmist, but it is West Nile Virus season.

Feel better.

charlotte g said...

Musinex is indeed wonderful stuff. Two kinds available. Makes non-productive coughs productive, and then the cough-suppressant one lets you rest. There are generics, but they don't last as long. Actually, sipping slowly on a jigger of undiluted Weller or Wild Turkey is medicinal as well.Getting really sick in the summer is really yukky. Here's to a full recovery in a matter of days.

Crabby said...

ahhh, sorry plegm. I feel your pain, baby. There's nothin worse than being that kinda sick. Nuthin. I sure hope you pull out of it quick.

Your new pal,

Liz said...

What sucks is that you have to start Tamiflu within the first 24 hours of getting the flu for it to work. But, you don't have the flu after all, so it would have been for naught anyway. Hope you are feeling better.