Thursday, August 02, 2007

Oh, I don't know if this was national news, or if it was just splashed about because it happened in Dallas, but a few weeks back, the 3rd Annual Women's Peace Conference was held in Dallas. Keynote speaker was Betty Williams, 1976 Nobel Peace Laureate from Northern Ireland. Williams was speaking to this conference allegedly convened for the purpose of exalting peace, and she thought it would be a great moment to mention she'd love to kill President Bush. Thanks, lady. We in Dallas particularly appreciate your giggling banter about what fun it would be to kill our president if there were no consequences, or if you could do it in a non-violent way! What could be more insensitive than joking about killing a president in a city in which half the population have living memory of that very event on our very streets? [I'd show you this conference clip, but for the life of me I can't find a clip on the net. Someone advise if you know where it is and I'll post it.]

Turns out, this is not the first time she's made such a statement. In October last year, she made the same statement to a group of school children in Brisbane Australia. Wow. So, um, let me get this straight: Williams doesn't feel there's ever any reason for other people or nations to go to war to defend a principle or ideal, but she's ok with killing another human being herself? Way to promote peace, bitch!

By the way, if a conservative or libertarian of such prominence ever made such a statement about a sitting Democrat president, there would be no end of the press coverage and there would be far and wide moral outrage and the media would be out for blood, from NPR to CNN. You know it's true. Heads would roll.

Now, everyone says something shitty every once in a while. We all have verbal di-reer occasionally, but this one is --to use an apt Irish expression -- beyond the pale. Considering she's made this statement before in public, it could not be considered a thoughtless, spur-of-the-moment slip. It was intentional, it was vile, and I think her nose need be rubbed in it, frankly. But it won't be.

She can say anything she wants, but Rush Limbaugh needs to be shut down.

Ironic, innit?


Flo said...

Amen, again!

none said...

They need to revoke her privledges to travel to the US.

Typical mouthy liberal psychopath.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the fairies will strike her down with potato rot. Dumb piece of blighted flesh.

Mark said...

The double standard raises it's ugly head again. It's amazing where it props up. The MSM and thier "darlings" can say anything they want and not be called on it, but let a "Right" wing person say something even slightly of kilter and you'd think there was a bllodbath and a school of pirhana.

phlegmfatale said...

flo - right again!

hammer - Yup.

leazwell - yup. a real brain trust.

mark - You said it - double-standard. Hypocrisy. Thank goodness we have the ability to ferret out our own news these days on this thing!

Kevin said...

Liberals disgust me. The European variety are particularly nauseating.