Thursday, August 02, 2007

Wow, that whole negotiation thing didn't work out for the South Koreans, did it? At least the magnanimous Taliban are allowing them to take the bodies of hostages home once they are done with them. Sounds like coming to the table for a non-American-style dialogue is not terribly productive.

"Anti-American sentiments by some elements are only helping the Taliban and justifying their atrocities," the Chosun Ilbo, the country's largest newspaper, said in Thursday's editorial.

With "anti-American sentiments" running so high, I wonder how they think the USA will help to expedite the process? Further, these people were on some kind of death-wish, having been warned not to go to Afghanistan by their government. I am sorry they are getting their chops busted, but how self-indulgent that they ignore serious safety warnings and now think everyone else should start to play nice and bail them out. It's a war zone, folks, not Disneyland.

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Kevin said...

"It's a war zone, folks, not Disneyland."
EXACTLY! Right now is probably NOT the time for your missionary excursion into Afghanistan. How 'bout we finish this frikken WAR first, OK?