Sunday, August 12, 2007



*insert goofy lady dance here*

Yesterday, that big teddy bear Dr. Mueller sent me for x-rays. I like him.

They sent a fellow up from the second floor to fetch me in a wheelchair. I felt pretty good, so I did a queenly wave as I was squired about the hospital to radiology for my pics, flirting with babies, toothless grins returned from the rooms of oldsters who are fellow inmates looking for reprieve. I looked at the xray afterward, and it didn't look THAT much better to me. I was crestfallen. I mean, I knew I still have congestion, but 5 days of i.v. antibiotics shoulda put more of a dent in it than that, I thought. I resigned myself yesterday to being happy about staying here even if it meant 3 or 4 more days.

What was really cool on the xray was to see the wire going through my arm vein up through my shoulder and arcing down to my heart. A little freaky, actually, but really nifty.

I settled in and finally tucked into the superb Falkenberg's Legion, which Tam has highly recommended on her blog, if memory serves. Fantastic book. I found a copy on ebay months ago (out of print) and I have been saving it for a moment I needed a good book. I started reading about 10pm last night and read until I fell asleep, and woke up wondering what happens next. I was about a quarter of the way into the book at noon today.

[ok - the nurse just came out and removed my heart wire - I think it's a Pick line (pic line? pik line?) YAY! Freedom is at hand.]

So Dr Mueller came in to my room about 12:30 and talked to me about what I need to do when I go home. He asked what I'd been taking pre-hosp. and I hopped up and went to the closet and pulled out the bottle of xithrimax or xanadu or whatever it was and he said "well, you're getting around quite well - you seem to be feeling fine." I did my best zuzu's petals moment and said "does that mean... (big blue eyes *bat* *bat*)... I can, you know, go...." He said "Home? Yes, well, why not."

I told him I'd hug him but he looked too clean for it.

So, anyway. Yip, yip yahoo. Home within mere hours. Nice!


Anonymous said...

Woo...a PIC line? lucky you! Obviously they thought you were worthy of the Good Stuff. Of course, that's been common knowledge around here for the longest.

They'll probably send you home with Augmentin horsepills for the next 3 weeks. Glad they're going to turn you loose just in time for the 100 degree days.

Glad you're so much better!


Tam said...

A wire into your ticker?


Remind me to tell you about the time I nearly fainted at the x-ray of the ironmongery in my leg...

Ambulance Driver said...

"So, anyway. Yip, yip yahoo. Home within mere hours. Nice!"

WOO HOO! Glad to hear it!

By the way, PICC = Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter.

Christina RN LMT said...

Ahem, let me add my own "Yay Yay Yay" to yours!
Good for you!
Just relax, take it VERY easy and follow the Doc's orders, hopefully you'll be back to your usual chipper, snarky self in no time.

SpeakerTweaker said...

Good news, LaP! Glad to see that you're feeling better, too.

Take it light, and we'll be looking forward to your next post!


none said...

congrats, glad you're feeling better and be sure to take all your medicine :)

g bro said...

You! Go! Girl!

FHB said...

Hope that gave you good drugs. Only good thing about bein' puny.

phlegmfatale said...

rabbit - thanks so much - yeah, it was good stuff. put me back on my feet. THanks so much for the well-wishes!

tam - yup - it was wild. I can't wait to hear that story about the iron in the leg - I think it'd make me woozy, too.

AD - thanks for the info on PICC. Now I know!

christina - I'm feeling better every day. :)

speakertweaker - Thanks! :)

hammer - you've got it. I'm following dr orders to the tee.

g bro - woohoo!

fhb - *L* there was a 2 day period in which I took a lot of hydrocodone for the pain in my ears, but otherwise, I had no problem just sleeping through it all.