Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tuesday is Soylent Opera Singer Green Day

Having been through the human-meat grinder that is the pathway to this type of career, I really hope this Englishman makes it and makes it monster in the operatic field. He won a tv competition called "Britain's Got Talent" and is due to release an album within mere weeks. At 36, this telephone salesman always nursed the secret longing to make it as an opera singer, but was too shy to come forward and take a crack at it. With some prodding from supportive family, he entered the competition and won it handily.

What I expect is that he will meet with popular acclaim and the opera establishment will remain curiously mute on the subject of him. After all, he didn't go through the channels and perform all the traditional obeisance to the useless pedantic powers-that-be in the opera establishment. Due to popular demand, he'll get some opera gigs and do some recitals. Hopefully his agent will see that he has an exacting coach, particularly for his diction. I really hope that his technique will be beyond reproach and that the critics will cheer him, as well. I hope that, but I doubt it. Remember what I said: meat grinder. I expect the critics to be vicious and not at all happy for any degree of success or acclaim he ever achieves. After all, opera is for a more elevated, less common sort, oui? Good singing could never come out of the non-rarefied air of the solidly middle class, could it? Poppycock! The irony of this will be that someone like Paul Potts could potentially inspire a new crop of fans to bolster the flagging ranks of the opera audience which is fast succumbing to attrition. I hope I am surprised by his reception in the professional opera realm.

Here's to the underdog and not letting go of one's dreams. Good on you, Paul Potts!

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