Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dunno... Is this thing on? PFffft! Pfffft!

OK, I posted this once, and it all disappeared. Hopefully, second time's a charm, even though it won't be so well-composed as the first. Seriously. That first one was Pulitzer material. I swear.

Saturday I met the wondrously lovely Ordinary Girl.

We're both on a foodie online group and she organized for a bunch of us to converge on an Indian restaurant in Irving. There were about 9 other people there, and there was lots of talk about everyone's favorite local restaurants. I learned a lot about food and about great cooking resources and local eateries. The group will meet somewhere for Dim Sum next time, and I'm really looking forward to that.

Of course, the highlight of the whole event for me was just meeting OG. She is an absolute doll. She looks about half her age, which is sort of how I picked her out in the restaurant. She has an easy laugh and a warm, open smile and bright eyes. I think it was bold and daring of her to organize the gathering, and everyone seemed to enjoy the gathering immensely.

After the meal, OG & I went across the road to a home goods store which has a fantastic selection of cookware and kitchen-y stuff. I bought a pair of red wellies [now I'm ready to tramp through some mud should the opportunity arise] and various sauces and seasonings. All the while we were shopping, we talked and laughed and had a grand time. When we'd finally sufficiently had our way with that store, we went over to a nearby coffee shop and sat and talked a while more.

We had an instant rapport and OG makes the second person I've met this year from the blog. In the same way Holly was instantly a dear friend, I know OG and I will be friends for life.

Thanks, OG. You so totally rock. Let's get together again soon.


Christina RN LMT said...

Great that you guys met and had fun!

But when are you coming to Vegas...?


Flo said...

Ooh ooh [raising hand]!! Can I be next?

Kelly said...

I think I had waaaaay too much fun!

FHB said...

Jealous. One of these days babe.

Liz said...

Heh, I almost went to the meetup but I pulled Bean duty.