Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Crap. The doglet has Kennel Cough. And after I went to all the trouble of having her bordello shot two weeks ago. (thank you, I'll be here all week.) Poor pup. Back to the vet we go, I suppose.

Oh, um, the photo is of the ruins of the no doubt once magnificent Chief Drive-In Cinema on the outskirts of Quanah. What could be better than going to watch a movie in your own car with the whole family, bringing along food mom made at home? Anyway, I rue the demise of the drive-in theater, particularly now that car seats are so incredibly comfortable. What have we lost? Pi-tee-full.

It's great when you can go back to work still feeling some sense of joy left over from a trip away. Tuesday was fantastic and I concluded the day by contacting a realty company and letting them know I'm ready to dip my toe in the pool and they were the ones I want to take to the Prom. WOOHOO! I'm kind of anxious and freaked out at the same time - surely I'm verging on mania. Things are going well at my job, and I'm sorta transitioning my duties, although I continue to manage the property. The thing is, I'm weary of dealing with the same few un-manly men over and over again, and the needy unrealistic women, all the while trying to gently teach them I'm not responsible for their feelings and am not paid enough to hold their hands for an hour each day. I am there to solve problems, but the irony is that other people are too shy to come forward and tell me about a mechanical problem, and heaven forbid someone let me know if their hard-partying neighbor is disturbing them when he cranks Tool at 4am -- I could fix that, but only if I know about it. I need shorter-term business relationships - not ones that drag out over years. Single-serving clientele. (hat tip to Tyler Durden) I can invest an intense amount of focus on a task for just so long, and then I'm ready for what's next. Ferreting out the minutiae of hot water heater (mal)function and slapping wrists that have flushed q-tips and let their dogs crap at the mail kiosk wears a bit thin on the Queen's nerves. We are not amused.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, drive-ins. The memories. Spent the summer of '53 going to the drive-ins in Denton with my first "true love" in Dad's '49 Ford coopay. She 14, me 15. Whoo boy. We even watched a few of the movies. Well, parts of 'em anyway. And then I met the current and only Mrs Myron at a drive-in here in Houston in '56. Back then a drive-in snack bar was a natural environment for teen agers.

Did I tell you about my foray into real estate? Back in '94 my area had about 800 houses listed and about 400 realtors trying to sell 'em. I managed to list 2 and sell 7 in about 8 months. Decided I could have more fun as a marshal and starter at the local country club. Plus the free golf.

charlotte g said...

Gee, you make me realize what a good tenant I must be. If I can fix it myself, I will. The place is 18 years old, so in the past two years, I've made about 6 calls on aging amenities(the disposal was shredded, for instance), and when the couple next door was fighting, I called 911 my ownself. The only time my manager sees me is when I take the check by the first day of each month. Gee, I really wear my grown up panties!

Loved the storm footage, BTW. I always get visual treats when I check your blog. said...

Yes, there are a couple of drive-ins around these parts still operating, but only on the weekends.

The Atavist said...

There is still one drive-in where I live. We try to visit at least once every summer. I always enjoy it.

Kevin said...

Sorry to hear about your doggie... we used to kennel our hounds for vacations, but the last time we did, one of the dogs got hot spots that the damn kennel folks didn't even notice. Had to go back, drop a couple hundred bucks on treatment and my poor girl had to wear one of those stupid plastic cones around her head for a few weeks. Never again. Now I just impose on my friends and family, and have them look after my canines...

FHB said...

They actually opened a new drive in here in Killeen, down the road from me, but I don't think it's doing much business. Last one I went to was in the 70s in Ft. Worth. They have one in Gatesville that still does big business.

And yer tennants make me feel so good about my years in the cliff dwellings. I fixed my own stuff too. Hated the fact that those guys came in my place when I wasn't there, to change out the filters and spray for bugs, and check out my stuff.

Flo said...

Hope doglet recovers soon.

phlegmfatale said...

myron - good drive-in memories, and if you met the lovely Mrs. Myron at one, well, that's testament enough to how terrific they were.
Sounds like you sold more than your share of the houses, but I agree, the golf gig was better.

nightlightning woman - Aw shucks, I'm glad you like the photos, but I give all the credit to the camera, which does the hard work for me. You sound like a great tenant. Mind you, I WANT people to call me to help fix things, it's just the whining that gets to me. Like I said, there are some unmanly men out there, and I wonder how they remember to breathe.

mushy operational drive-ins sounds like a great reason to drive to Tennessee - good on y'all!

atavist - ok. now I'm getting envious

kevin - yeah, it's weird how something like hot spots must be communicable. I hate stressing her out, too. It stresses ME out to leave her.

fathairybastard - wow - well, Killeen is not too far to drive for a movie - perhaps we'll mosey down that way and check it out before it goes tits-up. I hope they make it, though.

You know, I hate sending maintenance in, too, but it's a necessary evil. Our folks have been with the company 25 years, and I know them to be honest as the day is long, but even so, the ideal thing would be for the resident to be home.

flo - Thanks, hon!