Friday, June 22, 2007

Goths have toilet-cleaning needs, too.

I coulda been a goth you know - I like a lot of that music. Bauhaus. Type O Negative. Skinny Puppy. Sisters of Mercy. It's just that I didn't like their uniform.

Oh, this is great - did you ever see Hope is Emo? Funny stuff.

OK. I take that back. I could never have been a Goth. Gothtard. Hyuk! Hyuk!


Lin said...

Does its teeth chatter when you walk by? Appropriate enough for 'The Head', I suppose, although I would prefer something in a nice cow skull perhaps.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

A true goth probably wouldn't care if their toilet was dirty, but that is perfect for the goth wannabe. said...

I want one of those skulls for my bathroom...very cool!

The goth gal...has she been snorting the chalk dust...I think I want her!