Monday, June 25, 2007

If you saw or smelled evidence of the massive fire that engulfed Downtown Dallas today in smoke, here is ground zero. This was reported as an hotel on fire at Industrial and Cadiz, but I knew there was not hotel at that locale. Fortunately, it was a massive group of disused warehouses which were in the process of being demolished. Several sections of same had already been taken down earlier this year. The fire was spreading and seemed pretty nasty, smoke-wise, but otherwise, didn't seem to damage much more than air quality, as far as I could tell. The fire seemed to emanate from a pile of rubble at the south end of the demolition, and the wind carried the flames north across the entirety of the structures. Interesting.


Anonymous said...

I can tell you it STANK at 35 north of 635 this afternoon!


FHB said...

Usually they have guys spraying water on those demolition sites to keep down the dust. Maybe this time they blew it off because of all the rain.

Unknown said...

I can imagine what that was like. There was a huge fire at the NOAA building/dock right across the street from me last July 4th and it stank for weeks inside our building. Fortunately, my unit was at the best location in the far back, lower corner so it aired out fairly quickly.

Meg said...

Gee, that's dramatic.

phlegmfatale said...

rabbit - it stank for at least 24 hours

fhb - Perhap, and maybe they blew it off, too, in part because it wasn't worth risking lives over.

becky - nasty - glad you were relatively unscathed

meg - yeah, you shoulda seen it!