Saturday, June 02, 2007

Spending the night on the way to the Panhandle.

Drove through the most spectacular storms between Fort Worth & Wichita Falls. Took some video on my phone, which I'll try to get posted online by Wednesday. The lightning was amazing.

Cool thing - less than a year ago when I got my whizz-bang camera, I bought a 1 gb memory card for $100. Friday at Wolf/Ritz camera, I bought an 8 gb card for $190 and got a $50 rebate. Oh, and my camera cost $900 less than a year ago, and now it's $700 - that's the March of technology for you, isn't it? One minute you have the hottest thing, and the next moment, it's an embarrassing dinosaur-era relic. Well not quite - my camera is still fabulous.

I had a Nokia cell phone that I had a hard time letting go. I had a Power Puff girls face plate on it, and it was super-cute. One time I went with friends to a hotter'n'snot trendy restaurant in Dallas, and my phone weighed more than the 3 of theirs combined. I made a comment and the waiter said um, actually, my phone looked ancient. I'd had it, maybe, 2 years. Sheesh.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Don't even try to keep up with the insanely quick turnaround on technology/style. Embrace those gadgets that work for you and refuse to contribute to a throw-away mentality!

FHB said...

Yep, totally true. Always want to wait a few years to get todays technology at a cheaper rate. Ongoing dilusion, that you can get ahead.

HollyB said...

I went to WalMart today and got a 1 gb memory card for my new 7.1 megapixel 10x zoom Kodak camera; cost $28 - 10% Son gets for being a WalMart employee. [He works for a distribution center in East TX] According to the pkg I will get approx 325 - 350 pics on that card.
I am well pleased.

phlegmfatale said...

barbara - Sage advice, indeed. The mousetrap gets re-invented way too often, these days.

fathairybastard - yup, very true. I've never been obsessed with the latest gadgetry, though, so I'm in luck. I can afford the outdated crap!

hollyb - well done, you! You did it all--including getting your camera -- the smart way!

Meg said...

I got mine for free in 2000 - and it still works. I can't be bothered learning to use a new one, and I also lose stuff, so I'll keep this until death do us part.