Friday, June 01, 2007

Black Milk by Massive Attack featuring the lovely ethereal Glaswegian chanteuse Elizabeth Fraser

This video is random clips compiled by a Brazilian. They fit the music, but I'm just posting this because I like the song so much. It's incredible to me MA's Mezzanine cd came out 9 years ago, and now this music is popping up in popular culture. I sorta resent the cheap co-opting of the exquisite music I've been keeping tucked away and enjoying on my own. Still, it's nice if they are compensated in some way for their brilliance. Ms. Fraser also sings on their track Teardrop, which is the theme to the tv show House.

Good stuff.


Tickersoid said...

This is all new to me. I like. Will download immediately.

FHB said...

Really. I've never seen this ether. Interesting. Guitar solo?