Friday, June 08, 2007

Pease River west of Vernon

Mkay. Today is the day I sign with a realtor. I had wild dreams all night and kept waking up. The doglet couldn't seem to find a wallow to suit her on top of the covers. Perhaps it was the satellite dish/lampshade she has to wear right now. She's licking her paw until it's raw, so for now, she has to wear it. No doubt, we'll be going to the vet again soon. Poor lamb.

Last night I filed my nails all to the same length, and painted them the rocket red I generally prefer. This morning, the tips of my nails chipped while washing my hair. HOW does this happen? For my protection, tolulene and formaldehyde have been removed from nail polish, and now it doesn't stick for beans. *harumph* This has me in high dudgeon, because now I have to do a bomb-shelter layer of coats to get it not to chip. This is madness, I say. Bette Davis always had her talons immaculately lacquered, and she lived to be, like, a thousand or something, and I don't see where nail polish impacted her health or quality of life. Hell, the colors were probably lead-based in her heyday. I'll have what she's having.

Orly has a product called "Won't Chip," a top coat that for some 10 years did what it promised. Perhaps a year ago, this product stopped being effective at not chipping. Now that is just messed up. They should at least give us the option of buying the carcinogen-laced product, don't you think? Put a surgeon general warning on it, for goodness' sake. Make me sign a waiver. I don't give a crap. *grumble*

Last night's dinner with my friend was at Amuse, on South Lamar across from Poor David's pub. I had the Carolina Brook Trout with hazelnuts, french beans and blood orange butter. It was amazing. When I first talked on the phone to L, I felt like we had been living parallel lives. Now, two years down the road, I still feel that way. We're not close friends, but we definitely speak the same language. Love her.

Speaking of fabulous women whom I love: best wishes today to my dear friend Holly while they operate to put her finger back together in the proper order. Take care of yourself, petal.


Anonymous said...

good luck today sis! I love you A
Oh and also, I give up on nail polish.

Lin said...

Deepest sympathies on signing on with a realtor and dealing with dog wearing a cone. At least I found some relief for the latter (fate can be kind at times). We just dealt with Coned Dog Syndrome ourselves. Get this though, I stumbled across a blog which does nothing but show photos of people's dogs with cones. I sent in a photo of Brou. Try it, it was strangely therapeutic.
Check out the photo just below Brou - I laughed myself silly and I sure needed to do that.

How about model airplane paint as the next nail finish experiment? Maybe Krylon spray paint beyond that? I spent most of my adult life immersed in restoration chemicals, so far so good - I'd still be willing to try sturdy alternatives.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yoiks that must be some killer shampoo you are using!

Raven said...

I had wondered what was up with the new bottle of Orly I bought. It doesn't smell right, either.

phlegmfatale said...

A - thanks, sis!

lin - that dogs with cones site is marvelous - thanks for hepping me to that one - they've already posted the doglet pic I sent. Wow, airplane paint? You might be on to something there.

barbara - Um, maybe it was more the naturally curly hair than the cham poo.

raven - I'm glad it's not just me...

Christina RN LMT said...

Good luck, I know you'll be's your NATURE!
The nail polish thing is why I always go clear on my fingernails, but I love going a little crazy with my toenails.
Right now they are sparkly purple.

HollyB said...

AWWWWW, thanks for the kind wishes! I came through like a champ. A babbling, singing champ after the morphine, but a champ, nonetheless.
Dogs with cones is a great site! And Miss Doglet looks beautiful and pitiful all at the same time. Only YOUR dog could pull that off.
Nice shot of a swollen river, too. Maybe some day, I'll be able to compose shots as well as you do.