Sunday, May 13, 2007

Update on the murder in the 'hood thingie.

I'm on a Dallas neighborhood yahoo group, and several versions of the story are flying around. One person posted immediately and spouted lots of wrong information as though they were the big authority. It's like that game of whispers where the end product in no way resembles the beginning statement. I read gape-mouthed the wrong details about what _I_ saw and they didn't see, and I half expected the next line to read that the victim was wearing his Tuesday panties on a Friday. Among the more corny details she spouted was one little chestnut which puts forth that the dead guy owed money to the murderer, and the murderer called the police earlier in the day to let them know he was going to kill this guy. Now, call me naïve, but I'm guessing hoodsters bent on revenge killing are not in the custom of alerting the po-lice. If any of you disagree, let me know: I am willing to be educated on the subject.

As Tam so ably pointed out in comments, "alertness is the best defense."

Also, LawDog has a superb post from late April about awareness of surroundings. It's actually a lovely post about a walk he took, so read the whole thing here.

And yes -- me being me -- seeing what you are looking at is an invaluable aid to
surviving. Don't just look at Street, Urban, Dingy, One Ea. -- see it: where are
the ways out (both standard and non-traditional), how many people are present,
possible improvised tools, ambush points -- see all of this, but also see the
other things. The things that speak to you and lift your spirits. Decorations.
Colours. Horned toads.

I believe people should not be fearful of life, but instead should be in a state of relaxed readiness.

The whole murder thing from Friday, while upsetting, in no way changed me fundamentally - I already knew life was cheap to some people. Sad but true.

Did I mention I balmed my soul with some retail therapy? I found a fabulous dress and a new saucepan and today I'm going to get a new pair of Merrell shoes for dogwalking. I thought you'd want to know things are back to normal. Wheeeeeeee!


g bro said...

Merrell shoes? I looked through their online catalog and did not see ONE pair of heels! Although I suppose the mocs or slides might not be too out of character for your public image. Tell me that you got the women's jungle moc in leather!

FHB said...

Have a pistol in the crease of the seat next to you, and the training to use it.

And don't think about it to the point that it freaks you out. Odds of it happening again are slim. Like you said, relaxed readiness.

phlegmfatale said...

g bro - THey are for walking the dog - and she likes to trot - sashay is not her preferred pace, and I need speed-appropriate footwear, alas.

fathairybastard - exactly.