Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Home again.

Well, sort of. I'm at me mum's and going the rest of the way home in the morning.

We were going to come home Tuesday, but thought better of stringing the 10 hour drive home over the span of two days. Lots to tell, and I'll go into more of it next time, but for now I'll tell you about something kinda funny, kinda sad and utterly bizarre.

I'm not saying anyone in my family is, well, beneath their raisin', but, well, you tell me:

Mom's 3 siblings all died young, and she is now the Matriarch of the family. Four of her sister's 7 children came to the reunion, and after it was over, this clutch of cousins were sort of gathered around Mom sitting on picnic tables, visiting. All their children and grandchildren were over playing on the swings and merry-go-round. Suddenly, one boy who is small for his age came over, sat at the table and put his head down, crying. One of the other children ran up and breathlessly announced "he got kicked in the nuts!"

The questioning of the boys was as delightful as you'd imagine. After ferreting out the culprit, the offending boy said "well, he kicked ME in the nuts!" Upon further investigation, the offending boy was revealed to have been kicked in the nuts after having kicked the smaller boy.

What a little devil.

It's amazing how a kick in the wedding tackle can kill a gathering. Everyone stood up, said their goodbyes and dispersed with record speed.

Anyway. I'll pick up my freshly-bathed doglet from doggie camp before noon, and I expect a gloriously lazy week to myself, lounging about, cleaning, doing my own thing, and probably blogging more than I should. Yes, it's good to be home and not typing this in with only my thumbs and no energy for capitalization.


Attila the Mom said...

Ahhh, men and their equipment. LOL

Glad you got home ok!

Kevin said...

Catching one in the sack is no joke, let me tell you. It takes a second or so for the pain to really kick in, and you don't even feel it in your nuts, but deep, deep in your lower abdomen, like somethings REALLY wrong.
And, on that note, phlegmfatale, I thought I would mention that I added you to my blogroll...

Ambulance Driver said...

Could you feel your IQ rising as you got farther away from Arkansas? ;)

HollyB said...

Ah, Can't wait to read more of your adventures! Any good Ranger tales from your GalPal?

phlegmfatale said...

attila - well, one DOES want everything in working order. I'm guessing that little guy will steer clear of that other little fiend! Thanks - glad to be home

kevin - yeah, it must be diabolical - oh, and you added me? Thanks! look for yourself on my blog roll too, right away

ambulance driver - You know, any state that spawned me can't be THAT bad. Oh, and I think these little evilkins live in Missouri, for what it's worth.

hollyb - Our visit with M. was sadly shorter than I would have preferred-- her husband wasn't feeling well and my baby sis had her wisdom teeth extracted yestiddy, so Mom, niece and I returned home last night so Mom could collect bouncing nephew and give sissy a rest. I DO have a fabulous story from his ranger days that she told me last time, and I'll tell that one soon.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh yes, the order in which the nut kicking occurs is of utmost importance in these situations. Best both those lads learn that lesson early on.

FHB said...

Aaaa, those great old dusty days of youth, and racking one another with abandon. My boys tingle with the memories. Great to have ya back. Can't wait to hear the wisdom.