Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Monday was such a great day.

Mom got a package in the mail from my aunt in Arizona. The box contained a few things from my grandma's house - the grandma who died almost 2 years ago. My aunt had asked if there was anything particular I wanted, and I said I wanted the coffee cup she drank from every morning. My sister got her biscuit cutter. Yeah, I suppose we're odd, but we each got something we saw her use umpteen times, and I know we'll always treasure these things. In the box was also my grandfather's birth certificate and discharge papers from the Army. It's all bittersweet. Of course, none of it could ever bring them back - in the end it's all only stuff - but it's nice to see these things once more.

Took the doglet for a long walk today. Her old butt was tired when we got back to the house. I got in the pool for the first time this year, and it was glorious. I thought about putting the doglet in to cool her off, but she hates the pool and I didn't want to start the swimming season off with a bad association for her. I need to find a floating ramp which she can walk down and up for easier access - I think it's the lack of a gradual incline that freaks her out - because she loves running into ponds, lakes and oceans. Either that , or I need to just break down and get her a new kiddie pool.


I found the coolest floating ice chest called The Big Bobber - see, how cute is this??? This may be the very pinnacle of human achievement. I think it's the best pool accessory ever. I'm hoping a pitcher of iced-tea will fit in it. On this site it's $39.95, but I paid $20 or $30 at Elliott's Hardware on Maple in Dallas. You can probably get this at the Elliott's in Grapevine too. Good stuff!


Anonymous said...

Yea!!! I didn't know about the package. On our last visit when she was well enough to make biscuits C and I helped. I noticed how beat up the cutter was and how worn the wooden handle was. She told me it was the only one she ever used. I'm gonna shadow-box frame it. A

Dick said...

Bummer, they shut down Elliot's in Grapevine.
Yeah, I'm bitter.

Glad ya got that coffee cup.

Flo said...

It's weird the things that are important to us. I've got a set of gold "Lives of the Saints" books from my mom.

I love that Bobber, I'll have to look around for it.

Zelda said...

That is a cool device. Now I just need a pool.

Anonymous said...

A floating ice chest. If only I had a pool!

FHB said...

Seen those, in some catalog. Cool.

"T" said...

Awesome memories and things you will treasure forever.

On a secondary note....very cool cooler. I want one.

Anonymous said...

Elliots is one of those places that has to be experienced at least once in one's lifetime, like Ray's Hardware and Sporting Goods on Singleton (aka, the Haj).

I regret that I never got my grandfather to Elliots. He loved hardware stores.


HollyB said...

That is a nifty little cooler. But I must beg to differ.
The pinnacle of human achievement in coolers is the 5-day cooler. WHen you're out in the desert, or even just camping, and you have a 5 day cooler that doesn't require you the add ice to amintain a level of coolness as long as you can keep it in the shade...for 5 days?!?!?! THAT is the pinnacle of human cooler achievement!

And how wonderful about the coffee cup and the biscuit cutter. Y'all are so lucky.

Unknown said...

How odd...I kept my grandpa's bottle opener, playing dice, and ashtray, because I saw him use those items thousands of times, and they just had the strongest grandpa vibe of all of his possessions.

Attila the Mom said...

How neat! Going to have to get one of those for Father's Day!

phlegmfatale said...

sis - I envy you that you got that -- what a treasure!

dick - I can't believe they shut down Elliots! Crazy!

flo - well, I'll take yours and my style any day over the vapid assholes who fight over money or estates or all that unimportant B/S.

zelda - I'll bet your up-and-coming husband will be able to get you a pool if you really want one - and soon, too. Meantime, you can get a big kiddie pool and float the bobber...

lightning bug's butt - yeah - you totally need one

fathairybastard - I thought it was cool.

t - yup - I'm starting the cult of the bobber cooler

rabbit - haven't seen you lately - nice to see your name pop up in comments! Yeah, Elliot's is SO incredible - I wish your Gramps coulda seen it, too.

hollyb - ok, a 5 day cooler DOES out-rock the bobber, I admit. Yeah, we are lucky, thanks!

marko - Sounds like what I would have asked for, too, marko - those things are precious

attila - yeah - perfect for father's day!