Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I know this is twisted, but since I was a girl, I imagined the perfect man was a composite of Mr. Spock and Marshal Dillon.

I was only able to entertain such silliness because I was blissfully ignorant of the following video:

So, like I was saying, Marshal Dillon is the perfect man.

moritification update: This ALWAYS happens when I post late at night, but I HATE when I review a post the following day and find laughable spelling errors. I'm going to call it a "typo" if that's ok with y'all.


Tickersoid said...

I take it the choreographer is now doing time for this.

Ambulance Driver said...

Spock a beatnik?


From looking at those disturbing dancers with the Vulcan ears, now I know where the Teletubbies came from.


Anonymous said...

Very scary! Go Marshall Dillion!

HollyB said...

That is proof that LN did indeed take drugs. Only a man on psychotropics, the ILLEGAL kind, would have made that video!

Zelda said...

It's like some horrible mutation of the Teletubbies, the Wiggles, and Star Trek in time travel.

And isn't Spock gay? Maybe he was trying to talk himself into liking girls. "Put them in sweatshirts and pointy ears and maybe I can forget they have breasts..." said...

I "typo" so often my readers have come to expect it from me!

Spock is showing entirely too much emotion in this video.

none said...

Yeah the infamous bilbo song. I almost posted it a few days ago but I just couldn't bring myself to hit that publish buton ;)

FHB said...

Man, what the hell was he thinking?

phlegmfatale said...

tickers: if not, he should be

AD - not beatnik - HIPPIE!

Lainy - yeah! What she said!

hollyb - and if he was going to wear the spock ears, it was so wrong of him to be grinning like a possum

zelda - No, Spock not gay. Sulu gay.

mushy - Exactly - it's creepy for Spock to be emo. ew.

hammer - *L* I nearly didn't either.

fathairybastard - Spock wanted to break free