Saturday, May 19, 2007

OK, Fathairybastard tagged me on a meme, and this one has rules that I have to link him and show a photo of him. I chose this photo of him in the Ozarks, which is where I am at this very moment.

My five favorite restaurants (which by the way, fall after the houses of women of my family for my preference of best places to eat):
1. Texas de Brazil - I love the churrascarria, or Brazilian steak house. Yes, it's decadent, but you get to eat several different meats and in whatever proportion you prefer.
2. Sushi Sake - Impecable quality sushi, beautiful setting
3. Fifty-Seven - don't even know if it's still there - in London on Gray's Inn Road - had one of the best meals of my life there
4. Ravenous - Healdsburg California - Impeccable meal. Didn't have reservations in this tiny eatery - sat at the bar - had a grand meal - one of the best, ever. Yum. Tried to find their site, and it looks as though they may have closed. Pity.
5. The Grape in Dallas on Lower Greenville - small, cozy, impeccable food.
*Place I'd like to eat: The Old Warsaw in Dallas - very expensive, but supposed to be marvelous, and French Laundry in Napa Valley*
I'm not going to tag anyone with this. Feel free to pick up this ball and run with it, if you feel inspired...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I am certain that all these five restaurants would be great because you seem to dine at some pretty delicous looking places with great regularity.

Meg said...

It'd be kind of funny if you stood on this very spot and had a pic taken and posted it. said...

That might have made me hungry, but with FHB looking on, I lost my appetite! No...just kidding. Look like great places. If ever...

HollyB said...

Yeah, I saw this over at FHB's blog. I may tag myself. But narrowing the list down to five will be a challenge.

Anonymous said...

You've managed to make me hungry.:)

Anonymous said...

Ever been to The Landmark at the Melrose Hotel,Phlegmmy?

The decor is a little long in the tooth, but the food is wonderful.

Primo's has gotten too loud and too crowded for me over the last several years. Food is always still good, however.

Old Warsaw is always a winner with me.

Haven't been to Tx De B. in a couple of years, but I need to plan a return.


Unknown said...

Ravenous is still open in Healdsburg, doing the same business.

The French Laundry is I think too fussy, too expensive, and overrated. For my money, I'd go to Cyrus - also in Healdsburg - great meal, great show, and only reasonably too expensive. (tip: get the foie gras).

bfd of healdsburg

FHB said...

Man, I can't believe you used that old pic. That's mini me, or the unfat, unhairybastard. Love it. Well done.