Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This wild, wild woman is a-way out west...

Sometimes you think of things you found captivating many years ago and you might cringe on occasion. Mullets? Frankie Say t-shirts? Parachute pants? That were never me! Seriously. That wasn't me. Was merely pointing out sartorial missteps which may have been in your past, darling. Not judging, youse understand.

John Wesley Harding's superb album Here Comes The Groom endures in my heart as an eternal classic with dead-clever text set to beautifully crafted melodies. I have never stopped loving this album, and I'll never tire of listening to it.

With the Lindsay Lohan slow-motion carcrash going on in live! Action! 3-D! of late, I keep thinking of JWH's Spaced Cowgirl, performed below in a pub in Frankfurt in 2002 with sublime dobro ponied up by Ferdy Doernberg. [you know what a sucker I am for fine axe work! ]

Sometimes I listen to you
it's the whisky talkin'
Sometimes I watch
you move and
It's the whisky walkin'
Sometimes I sit and think
of the way things might have been

Anyway, wistful. Beautiful. Yeah. Classic. Pretty girl, out to lunch with her hair on fire. Whoopsie.

Here's to Spaced Cowgirl in heavy rotation on me iPhone. Viva technology. Saw JWH live in Dallas at Deep Ellum Live in, oh, was it 1991? Oozing cool and style. What a sweet recollection. Anyway, John Wesley Harding is brilliant. Check him out. All his music is superb. :)

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