Saturday, March 01, 2008

Yes, Holly, I'm still bouncing and giggling.

The Shoetist

Here's what cool girls wore to buy new accessories (of the shooty variety) on Leap Day! WOOHOO! Don't you think the world needs more pink/orange/red shoes?
I do.
I also have these shoes in dove gray/periwinkle/oxblood. They're fabulous. I figured a gun emporium could use a jolt of color. [These and my other pair were limited edition runs of the Mini Gorgeous from John Fluevog, funky shoe Maestro. This is another pair of 3" heels I can stand and walk comfortably in all day long. I highly recommend, if you don't mind a shoe that's a little on the clunky side. I really should pick them up in black myself, while they're still available. I keep waiting for him to do a new run of phosphorescent shoes...]

Doglet (who is feeling MUCH better!) doesn't mind my occasional indulgence. She's curious, but not jealous of the new accessory. And no, none of the 4 rules are being broken here - doggie is on a different plane from accessory. Accessory is aimed at a red-tipped photinia, which I loathe. plus it's not loaded. [now I have to get those silver shoes.]

[sorry 'bout the crap photos - had to take them on me cell]

I talked to jpg yesterday about what I was looking for, and he recommended Mike's Gun Room in Richardson, which rabbit also mentioned about a week or so ago. Yays! I walked in today and Mike said "jpg told me to watch for a pretty brunette," and I instantly knew that whatever he was selling, I was totally buying. Lie to me, baby!

Mike was a lovely gentleman and we talked about what I needed in a carry gun. Before coming by I'd already talked Hols and jpg, and of course my Dad. Holly cooed and purred (golly, she needs to give feminine wiles seminars, that one does!) that Colt's is really the only way to go, and I felt myself getting very sleepy, verrry sleeepy. I was checking out a small, lightweight Kahr 9mm, but finally settled on a diminutive S&W .38 Special. It's really neat, but a little birdie told me it'll have new grips sometime soon.

Mike told me if I have any problems to bring it back in, but please don't spill a milkshake on it. I told him mint chocolate chip or black walnut would be particularly evil, but vowed never to have a mishap of that variety. Actually, I'm more worried about rogue wodges of hooker-red lipstick slipping invitingly into moving parts and recessed spaces. Okay. Not really. My bag is not that messy, but little fortune cookie papers may be a problem.

Anyway, so far I'm quite pleased with my choice and will give a full report once I've put it through its paces. I'm constantly reminding myself to only ever pick it up the proper way(make it a habit!), because it would be hard to properly manicure a hamburgery thumb. Priorities, you know.


I'd like to say thank you again to all the lovely folks who commented on my leap day post. Although I've thought back to that day many times since, I've not really walked my mind through the whole scene like I did when I was writing it yesterday, and it was rather therapeutic, in a way. Anyway, I'm flattered and honoured it struck a chord with so many of you.


Anonymous said...

Oh la la what a beautiful gun. Let us know how it shoots.

I am looking into getting a gun for safety. You've inspired me.

Doglet is soooo adorable. I'm glad she's feeling better.

Xavier said...

Bitchin' shoes Phlegmmy.

You will find the diminutive S&W .38 Special to be adequate in 99% of the cases. The other 1%.......Nothing is really adequate. Remember it ain't the gun, it's the gunner that makes the difference.

Get training, and then get advanced training. Tactics baby, tactics. A gun ain't squat without the ability to employ it effectively. Without tactics, it's an expensive noisemaker.

Oh, and good choice. 90% of the summer and about 30% of the winter a S&W J frameis my choice.

Anonymous said...

Sure glad to hear Doglet is on the mend.

And have fun with the new shiny.

SpeakerTweaker said...

Congrats on the new boomstick! And those ARE some slick shoes (I am SO coming to DFW to get my next pair of boots;).

"Diminuitive?" Take it from Xavier. It's all about you. A hit with a .38 is better than a handful of misses with a .45. Shot placement, baby.

And I find it a wonderful way to coronate the 20th anniversary of making some asshat work damn hard against a "HELL NO" to get your purse (followed by your locking his dumb ass up) by acquiring a more effective way of communicating to bad guys. Good job, Miss Phlegmmy. It's an honor to know you.


Tam said...

Totally excellent choice. And it's not just my bias saying that, either. ;)

Anonymous said...

Saw the photo at icanhasceezburger and remembered your comment re: hooker-red lipstick.

Bonnie said...

SHOOOOOOOES!!! Covet. Want. Where did you get? Pretty!

Oh, yeah - nice gun, too. :-) Congratulations, and don't forget the range report! :-D

breda said...

Yay! We have the same gun! I shoot a S&W .38 snubby too. It takes a lot of practice (long trigger pull, fair amount of recoil) but once you can shoot it well, you can shoot anything!

I am so proud of you, Phlegmmy and I totally love the shoes. You rock.

phlegmfatale said...

lainy - I thought it was pretty, too! I think you should take steps to make it happen, lainy. Thanks for kind words about my doggie!

xavier - Thanks - I think these shoes are totally HAWT!
You're right about preparedness, and I intend to be. I'm blessed to be closely connected to some very learned folks, and I intend to follow their wise counsel. Thanks for all the encouragement and for all the wonderful information I've learned from your blog, too.

myron - thank you, and I will!

speakertweaker - thanks (they ARE fancy!) and thanks! Yes, it's what you make of it. If I'm ever called upon to make a terrible choice, then economic allocation of materials will be my prime consideration. And yes, it WAS a good way to celebrate. In fact, I think I'll make that a new leap day tradition, though I won't be waiting 3 years and 364 days to buy another boomstick! Proud to know you back!

tam - bias or no, it matters to me that you approve- thanks for saying!

phlegmfatale said...

myron - oh my goodness- I HAD to link that on the post - I guffawed when I saw that - thanks!

squeaky - Fluevogs, limited edition colors from when he first unveiled this model, oh, maybe 5 years ago? They still have this in black - super comfortable. Will definitely remember to give the range report!

breda - Apparently all the coolest chicks dig this gun - woohoo! Thanks for telling me what to expect. I'm going to take the time to work with it and understand its function. I want to be fully comfortable with it. Glad you like the shoes - I thought you might. I think of you a lot when I wear my most funky shoes lately - I'm taking one for the team!

Anonymous said...

It won't do a bit of good when it's unloaded, dear.
Load that sucka!


FatQuarterQuiltFarm said...

um YEAH!!!speaking of coolest chicks!! (har!) is that the "lady Wesson" model? I had one of those back in the late 80's to mid 90's!! .....put Pachmeyer grips on it and found it to be mo' betta that way.......still a WHOLE LOTTA bang bang and a large piece of mind for a girl with way cool shoes. Congrats and safe shooting!
Happiness is a warm(yes it is) gun!!

Anonymous said...

Doglet's eyes show concern and caution but not just for herself me thinks. Steady phlegm, steady.

Rabbit said...

If you haven't already, do consider Crimson Trace laser grips for that little J-frame. The diminutive sights are ok, but little red dots are not only helpful for targeting at distances beyond arms-length but a very strong visual aid on both sides of the trigger.

I'm going to put some on my Model 36 one of thes days.


phlegmfatale said...

Don - patience! I'll get there.

schnoobie - it IS nifty, innit? Yeah, I'm exploring grip options.

leazwell - Thank you.

rabbit - okay - I'll definitely check that out. Sounds like a good idea.

HollyB said...

Nice lookin' boomstick...for a to wheelgun, that's not a Colt in .45 ;D~.
I am such a semi-auto snob, and a size Queen. Pay no attention to that Bitch behind the curtain. She's just jealous of your tricolored 3" MaryJanes!

John R said...

Nice choice of firearm Ma'am, that is a credit to Mike and yourself.

You get the urge to head out to Alverado for some range time, just holler.

phlegmfatale said...

hollyb - Some day my Colt's will come. In the mean time, I'll just have to fight thoo it, mkay? I'll hang my head in appropriate shame and humility as I pass by uppity bitches with collections vastly superior to mine. *sigh* Those MJs will help lift my spirits, though.

jr - I intend to head to Alvarado for range time, sometime soon. My pop lives near there, and I want to try some more of his guns, too.

Christina RN LMT said...


Go, Phlegmmy! Go, Phlegmmy! Go!

I will definitely be following in your oh-so-nicely-shod footsteps.
Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the purchase. :)

Unknown said...

Those shoes are cute that I'm almost embarassed to admit that I primarily wear my clogs in the winter. The dog seems to realize that you now have a gun:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Momma likey the shoes!!! Yummy!!! Guns + shoes = happiness!!

J.R.Shirley said...

Is that a 642? I'm picking one up Tuesday. Go for lightly-recoiling ammo, sweetie. I certainly plan to!

phlegmfatale said...

christina - someday we'll do some bee-yoo-ti-full shooting together. YAYS! You'll hear all about every jot and tittle!

pax - Thanks so much, Kathy. I'm loving it.

becky - yup, these shoes are the bomb-diggity. However, some days I wear clogs too. There are some wonderful clogs in the world. The dog wouldn't know the gun from a stapler from a box of envelopes. The dog was hoping for food, as she is constantly channeling her inner chupacabra.

kvegas911 - You're a woman after my own heart!

jr shirley - it certainly is. You must really be looking forward to Tuesday - that's a great thing to be anticipating, IMHO.

J.R.Shirley said...

Drat. It's Tuesday- Sportsman's Link said the UPS man didn't bring my 642. Oh, well- at least, I still got a lot done.

phlegmfatale said...

Crud, j.r. - maybe it'll come tomorrow, but yes, you can feel you accomplished a lot. :)